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4 Tips for Seamlessly Moving Talent Through Digital Hiring Into In-Person Roles

4 Tips for Seamlessly Moving Talent Through Digital Hiring Into In-Person Roles

Since the mass shift to remote and hybrid roles over the last year, there is no question that most jobs can be performed outside of the office. Numerous companies have embraced new working models, but many people still prefer working in a traditional office environment, so in-house jobs are here to stay.

As you’ve learned, digital hiring is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to connect with talent early in the process. Your video interview process may be exciting for top talent looking to fill remote and hybrid roles. But you need to strike a balance and ensure you’re funneling in candidates who are happy to land in in-office positions following their virtual interview experience.

This may mean you need to devise new ways (or return to tried-and-true methods) to attract the right talent and excite candidates about your in-person roles. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you move candidates through your digital hiring process right into your in-person roles with ease:

Show off your positive culture

Most teams can foster a vibrant and inviting company culture regardless of whether everyone is present in the same workspace. Creating engaging branding materials with images and videos from company events and day-to-day office interactions is a great way to give candidates a feel for the company culture. Provide a link to your careers page in job ads where interested applicants can determine if your in-office jobs are the right fit.

Even better, you can launch a culture ambassador program through social media by getting employees engaged online. Create a social sharing strategy that boosts your employee engagement while showing off your vibrant office culture. This way, the talent that funnels into your digital hiring process is just as excited about your in-person roles as your current team.

For example, you can start games of “office photo uno” where employees actively post creative pictures of themselves and office objects that relate throughout the day. Or do an office scavenger hunt, sharing clues on your social media feeds, and have employees post their experience. You can even host your own ‘spirit’ week every quarter when employees can dress for fun themes and share photos online, or make every Friday jersey day during different athletic seasons. 

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Highlight perks available to in-office staff

Working from home has undeniable perks, and remote jobs tend to sell themselves. If your company has worked hard to create a motivating work environment, you should share the benefits of working in the office to get candidates on board with your in-person roles. This is a little harder to do if your virtual hiring process keeps candidates out of the office until final in-person interviews. But that’s where creating engaging video content to support your digital hiring experience is beneficial.

It’s always a good idea to go back to the basics and boost your employer branding content. If your employees enjoy a relaxing lounge, are encouraged to make their workspaces comfortable and inspiring, or get healthy snacks and time to focus on physical and mental health on the job, share their experiences with the world. Keep in mind, for some candidates, going to work is their way to detach themselves from home life and find balance by focusing on their personal and professional development. Boldly show off the ways you support employees in reaching their goals.

Cut to the chase

If you want to excite candidates about your in-person roles, you need to be proud to post about and interview for those jobs. Transparency is a critical factor of any work experience. If talent doesn’t feel you’re being forthcoming with them about your work environment, they are likely to question what other details about the job you’re hiding.

Don’t hesitate to share upfront that an open role is only available on location. After all, you want to attract candidates who will be happy in the job and will thrive in the office environment. Show candidates what they have to look forward to by posting images and videos of comfortable and inviting workspaces. And share what it is about your office jobs that employees love right from the start of the digital hiring process.

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Make strong personal connections 

While your remote and hybrid roles may be equal in positive collaboration and communication, there is something unique about connecting with leadership and peers in person. Feeling team leaders are approachable and genuine camaraderie is a staple in the workplace helps candidates warm up to accepting your job offers.

Making strong personal connections with candidates in the digital hiring process is the most organic way to give talent first-hand experience working with your team. You can do this by sending welcome emails with brief, customized video messages from leaders. Or consider pulling together a peer panel for a live video interview where team members can answer candidates’ questions directly.

Above all, make sure your communication throughout the process is personal rather than relying on canned responses. Make a strong and positive in-person impression during the digital hiring process and talent will be eager to walk through your door.

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