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How Collaborative Hiring Benefits Your Business

How Collaborative Hiring Benefits Your Business

Gone are the days of one hiring manager sitting down and going through interview after interview to find the perfect candidate for an open position. Today, businesses are becoming increasingly interested in a collaborative hiring model. Collaborative hiring gets more team members involved in the process. There are a number of perks to using this style of hiring. Some of the major benefits include:

You get a range of opinions

When you have just one hiring manager weighing in, it’s easier for skewed opinions to cloud a hiring decision. A candidate who rubs the hiring manager the wrong way could fail to receive an offer, even if they actually are the best person for the job. When a whole team is involved, other people are able to voice their thoughts, making it more likely that the final choice is a good one.

It puts less pressure on one person

Filling an open spot can be a lot of pressure for one person, particularly when you’re trying to find someone to fill an integral role in the business. When you involve multiple team members, it allows the hiring manager to relax a bit.

You get to see the dynamic between the candidate and their potential colleagues

If your hire will be working closely with a certain group of people, it’s ideal to bring them in and have the group interact. This way, you know ahead of time whether everyone gets along. If there’s a major problem, you can go with a different candidate, instead of finding out after the new team member is causing tension in the office.

It reminds employees that you value their opinions

Employee morale is significantly increased when your staff members are reminded that their opinions matter. When you let them weigh in on the hiring process, it reinforces the notion that you care about what they think.

Your employees can help to sell the company to the candidate

While the candidate needs to sell why they’d be a valuable member of the team, you’ll also need to sell your business to them at the same time. When you have happy, engaged employees participating in the interview process, selling your company to a potential new hire becomes much easier. The candidate is able to experience the company culture and see the type of future they’d have should they accept an offer from your business.

Collaborative hiring can also help make the training process smoother. When team members are involved in the hiring process, they often feel more responsible for the new hire, and are more likely to help them get up to speed quickly. This cuts down on the learning curve that inevitably exists when someone starts a new job.

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