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How to Implement a Sustainable Hiring Process

How to Implement a Sustainable Hiring Process

As a business owner, a streamlined hiring process that delivers you strong talent is essential to the future health of your business. If you’ve got a lot of turnover or find that it takes you months and months to fill an open role, ultimately your company suffers. To prevent this from doing damage to your business long-term, it’s necessary to develop a sustainable hiring process that works more effectively. Here are some tips on creating this type of process:

First, figure out where your company is lacking

Could you use strong salespeople? Perhaps you need better content creators. When you take an honest and analytical look at your business and see where it’s lacking, you’re able to make more informed hiring decisions in the future. Take some time to figure out what is and isn’t working for your company in its current state, and then determine how to proceed accordingly.

Think about your business’s core values

In order to create a positive company culture, your brand should stand for something. All employees should be on the same page in terms of vision and values. When you’re hiring, you’ll want to keep these pre-established ideas in line. For example, if you’re totally dedicated to big, new concepts, you’ll want to make sure that your hiring process seeks out innovators. If your brand is all about teamwork, make sure your hiring process looks for those who like to collaborate.

Don’t forget to give current employees the opportunity to advance

There’s no harm in doing a nationwide search when you’re trying to fill an important position, but don’t overlook the talent you already have in-house when you’re trying to fill a role either. Current employees understand how your business operates on a deep level, so less training is required to get them up to speed. Plus, when you show a willingness to advance employees through the ranks, it boosts morale. Just because someone came in as an entry-level worker, doesn’t mean they have to stay that way forever. Take an analytical look at the individual’s skill set, passion, and willingness to learn when it’s time to hire for a new manager.

Do regular analysis

One of the most effective ways to see how your hiring process is working is by checking in regularly. You’ve brought on new employees in the last year or so. How have these hires worked out? Given the chance, what would you have done differently? Use these thoughts to inform the process in the future.

When you’re honest with yourself and your team about your hiring process, you’re able to continuously improve your efforts so that you’re bringing on new employees who truly add value to your business. Regular analysis helps to ensure that your hiring process is always effective in both the short and long-term.

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