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How Your Hiring Process Could Be Harming Your Business

How Your Hiring Process Could Be Harming Your Business

The hiring process is an essential part of growing your company, but sometimes even well-meaning business owners can make mistakes that cause them to lose the ability to recruit top candidates. If you’re struggling to land quality talent for your open positions, consider whether you’re making some of these errors:

Writing vague job descriptions

A killer job description grabs a person’s attention and entices them to apply for an open role right then and there. If your job description is lackluster and vague, don’t be surprised if a potential candidate skips over it and continues to browse. Give the description some personality. Let your company’s brand shine through. Offer valuable insight about what the job you’re hiring for actually entails. Spending some time writing a strong job description will pay off in the end when you have engaged candidates who are excited and actually well informed about the opportunity.

Making a hiring decision too quickly

When someone leaves, you’ll need to fill their position quickly so as to avoid putting too much strain on other employees. However, racing to make a hiring choice just to have someone in the role can ultimately come back to haunt you. Move quickly through the hiring process, but don’t rush through it just so you can say the position has been filled. You’ll want to make sure the choice you make is a good one, and that the new employee is actually a great fit for the open job.

Immediately dismissing those who are currently unemployed

Gaps on a resume can cause an employer to raise an eyebrow, but don’t automatically dismiss someone because they’re not currently working. If you like what you see, bring them in for an interview and give them a chance to explain why they’re not currently employed. You may find that they have a perfectly valid reason.

Lastly, don’t get too caught up in a person’s resume. Sure, you need them to have the necessary training in order to be able to complete their job properly. However, there are certain skills you simply can’t teach (such as enthusiasm for the job and the ability to work well with others) and you’ll want to be on the lookout for these abilities.

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