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Your Company’s Hiring Blind Spots: What You Need to Know

Your Company’s Hiring Blind Spots: What You Need to Know

Regardless of how thorough your company’s hiring process might be, inevitably you’re going to discover that you probably have at least a few blind spots that may be preventing you from acquiring the type of talent you’re looking for. In order to stop this from limiting your business’s success in the future, be aware of these common hiring process weaknesses:

You don’t make an offer fast enough

Ideally you’re interviewing the most desirable candidates in your industry, which means that you’re probably not the only ones speaking with them about job opportunities. If your hiring process is too slow and it takes you weeks upon weeks to make an offer, you’ll probably end up losing your most desired candidate to another company that is able to make an offer more quickly. When you find an individual who you truly think would be a great fit for your business, make it a point to speed the hiring process up so that they don’t end up getting an offer elsewhere while you’re still trying to get your paperwork organized.

You don’t publicize the opening widely enough

If you tweet out your job opening a few times and hope that enough qualified people see it, you’re doing your business a major disservice. In order to find the best candidate for the position, you’re going to want to go wide with your search. This means posting regularly on social media, yes, but you should also be advertising in trade publications, adding a listing to your company’s site, and attending networking events where you can talk with industry professionals face-to-face.

You don’t write a clear enough job description

Your job description should be eye-catching and clever, but it should also include real information about what the position entails. If the description leaves someone going, “huh?” they’ll probably pass and apply for an opportunity that actually makes sense. Spell out exactly what the person who fills this role will be doing if you want to get qualified candidates to apply.

You make it difficult to apply

If someone has to print out dozens of forms and send them in via snail mail, the job is going to have to be extremely desirable in order to get someone to go through the entire process. Instead, make your application process easy. Allow candidates to apply online and you’ll find that many more people turn in their materials.

Reviewing your hiring process regularly helps to ensure that it’s as streamlined and effective as possible, thus allowing you to recruit the best talent your industry has available. Becoming aware of your business’s own hiring blind spots enables you to prevent small missteps from getting in the way of hiring success.

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