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Top 7 Things Millennials Want In Their Workplace

Top 7 Things Millennials Want In Their Workplace

Millennials now officially outnumber Baby Boomers and make up more than 1/3 of the working group in the US. They are dominating businesses, establishing their own firms, and startups.

But the most significant number of millennials are working 9-5 jobs. This number seems to be growing steadily, and at the same time changing the traditional workplace setup. Whether it is the typical 9-5 work environment or remote jobs, they are revolutionizing the underlying ideology of working. This change is not only producing the best results for companies but also inspiring others to think out of the box.

Does this change really work in favor of companies? Yes, for sure.

Big companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft focus more on the needs of millennials for a better work environment, employee retention, and long-term company growth. For example, Apple gives a lot of perks like time off for non-birth parents and big discounts on Apple products. These benefits influence how millennials choose the right place to work.

Let’s find out exactly what millennials need in their workplace.

Ability To Network

Millennials depend largely on networking and communication with their teams. Gone are the days where meetings were held in meeting rooms and only the manager talked. Now, new age workers gain the most out of one-on-one conversations or group discussions. This brings out the best ideas and most importantly, connects them with other team members.

Regular catch-ups with colleagues are proven to increase teamwork efficiency and enable millennials to get constructive feedback. Managers and higher corporate workers also realize that constant feedback and good communication with millennials has a significant effect on work goals.

Career Development

Career advancement is a big factor for millennials. They think beyond landing a job and want career development opportunities in their workplace. They are keen to enhance their skill sets and leverage their existing expertise.

Companies like Google, Amazon, Zapier, and many more provide programs for their workers to improve current skills and develop new ones. These programs can come in the form of fully-funded university programs or the chance to take online courses,  whichever helps the employee achieve his or her goals. This way, the company makes their employees feel more valuable and in turn, employees feel more motivated to succeed and contribute more to the organization.

It’s a win-win situation.


A Deloitte survey reveals that 50% of millennials want flexibility at work or wish they can choose when they start and finish work. They don’t want to be confined to cubicles to be productive at work. It’s vital for them to be able to work anywhere, whether it is from home or when they are on vacation.

Flexible work arrangements are a must for millennials to take a job. More and more companies are turning towards the virtual workforce as they realize it’s the best way to keep employees happy and get the work done. In fact, 70% of global workers opt for remote work at least once a week. These figures show the growing trend of virtual work and why millennials favor this. Flexibility in work means the ability to put family first and feel less stressed while working.

Technical Advancements

Millennials have a unique talent: they use technology to make work more efficient. Although they have gotten a bad rap for being so dependent on technology and their attachment to their phones, the truth is, millennials utilize technology to complete their work faster and more efficiently.

Whether it is communicating with team members using chat programs like Slack or conducting virtual meetings using GoToMeeting, millennials make use of apps and figure them out sooner than most workers of other generations.

Millennials appreciate being given the tools they need to execute their jobs. When they feel that their needs are met, productivity improves and so does retention.

Focus on Social Causes

Probably the most significant and most valuable trait of millennials is their desire to contribute to social and economic causes. They expect companies to focus on social causes and give back to society.

A lot of companies realize the weight of this requirement and they offer their employees a chance to participate in social, environmental, and health programs. Millennials are the largest age group contributing to these efforts. It is commendable that millennials are becoming aware of the growing concerns like pollution, literacy, poverty, and deforestation. Their awareness has a compounding effect on making the world better for everyone.

Better Benefits

Millennials want more from their jobs. Though the paycheck plays a big part in their job selections, it’s more about what other benefits they’ll get. Perks like paid vacations, health benefits, and subsidized company shares steer their interest in landing a job.

Because there are a lot of other ways to earn money nowadays, millennials won’t stay at a company if they feel they are not compensated well. They are willing to do more and work hard to justify the benefits they receive from their employers.

Studies also suggest that there is a 47% increase in the number of millennials diagnosed with depression. This number can be reduced if companies play their role in providing better healthcare programs and introduce workplace support programs focusing on the mental health of their workers.

Competitive Environment

Growing in personal and professional fronts is vital for millennials. One thing that contributes heavily to their job selection is a competitive work environment. They want to learn and grow instead of just sitting at their desk clocking in hours. Having a healthy competition with their colleagues boosts their productivity.

Regular team challenges encourage employees’ competitive spirit and helps achieve their work goals. This kind of environment pushes them out of “slack mode” and gives them the productive motivation.


Millennials have great qualities to positively impact a company’s growth and culture. Giving them a conducive environment where they can maximize their skills and discover their potential helps them stay longer and contribute to the success of your organization.


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