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7 Employee Retention Strategies: A Productive Worker is a Happy Worker

7 Employee Retention Strategies A Productive Worker is a Happy WorkerEvery employer wants to get the best bang for his or her buck.  From supplies to services to employees, it is important that every employer gives enough to get enough.  The following 7 retention strategies can help ensure your employees will give their job their all and come back for more: 


The salary and bonus that an employee receives is usually the primary reason he or she takes a job.  It is in the best interest of the employer to offer competitive salaries in order to keep their workers from jumping ship and leaving for “greener” pastures.


A good benefits package is a strong factor in an employee’s decision to take a job.  A combination of health insurance, dental coverage, hearing & vision coverage, pension/retirement saving plans, and paid time off can appeal to the employees that you wish to attain – and retain.

Additional Perks

When a job offers fringe benefits outside of the norm, it helps the company stand out as unique amongst their competitors.  Anything from employee discounts on goods & services to Half-Day Fridays, fitness center membership, tuition reimbursement, catered lunches, and more can add to an employee’s well-being.

Workspace Contentment

Being an effective worker requires a workspace that allows for productivity.  An employee cannot produce when their workspace is crammed, unsanitary, & uncomfortable.  Therefore, a safe workplace can assure an employee’s well-being, cut down on employee accidents, and decrease workplace compensation. Also, providing a clean workplace complete with reasonable-sized work areas with comfortable chairs can keep an employee both happy and resourceful while cutting down on employee complaints.

Resources & Supplies

“A carpenter is only as good as his tools,” goes the old saying and this rings true for anyone in any organization. Employers providing up-to-date computers, competent software, and general office supplies can increase work flow and enable employees to work without setbacks.

Training & Education 

Information is power and power is knowledge.  More knowledge leads to more competence at a job.  Both employee training manuals, outsourced schooling, and trade seminars can encourage employee independence and further creativity. Solid training & education can also cut down on employee questions as they will not have to rely on their supervisor to answer questions that they can find out on their own.

Dress Code Freedom

While having a dress code is not an unreasonable company requirement, being too strict with dress mandates can lead to an atmosphere that employees resent.  When a dress code is reasonable yet flexible, it allows an employee to express their individuality. Research suggests that casual business clothes emphasize the company’s human element.  A company can be viewed as being more open by their clientele.

Employers utilizing these strategies can be confident their employees will have all the tools they need to be satisfied & constructive at work.  In addition, the work atmosphere will be one that makes them feel comfortable even during the busiest times.  Investing in these retention strategies can lead to a return on investment on employee happiness and productivity.

About the Author: Brian Anelante works in the marketing department at Mobile Health. Mobile Health is an occupational health organization that specializes in Employee Screening. Mobile Health sees 200,000 people a year for Employee Screenings and is the leading occupational health provider in New York City.

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