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3 Benefits of Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Your Business

3 Benefits of Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Your BusinessWith the ever-growing popularity and constant advances in technology, many employees are finding it difficult to achieve a work-life balance.  When your employees lose track of the precious line dividing their personal life from work life, your business is in danger.

As stated by Forbes, “2/3 of today’s employees feel overwhelmed” due to the increasing expectation and need for them to work more hours.

Now, more than ever, it is of key importance to encourage a work-life balance in your company culture.  When you encourage your employees to have a work-life balance, you are increasing your business production, increasing your employee retention, and promoting a healthy work environment.

1. Increased Business Production

How often have you observed your employees constantly checking emails on their computer and phone?  In today’s society, advances in technology have encouraged us to be online all the time.  When our internet loses connection, or if our smartphones stop working, many of us will go into panic mode because we are not able to check emails, text, Facebook, or various other social media sites.

Think about implementing off-line hours with your employees.  I would recommend that you encourage all employees to be off-line and take time away from work each evening, or after working an 8 hour work day.  In addition, think about encouraging off-line hours during the work day.  By eliminating unnecessary distractions for certain time periods, your employees will find that they are better able to focus on their job and pay more attention to detail.

Granted, there is only so much you can do in order to encourage your employees to take advantage of this off-line time.  However, if you discuss with your employees beforehand and if you begin to follow your own advice, more than likely your employees will begin to embrace off-line time.

2. Increased Employee Retention

When you promote and encourage the maintaining of work-life balance within your company, you will begin to realize that your employees are happier in their jobs.  Not only will they come to appreciate the fact that you understand the importance of work-life balance, but they will be able to take more pride in their work.

Working for a company that cares about its employee’s health and happiness is of great importance to many employees today.  By encouraging this type of healthy culture in your business, you will have happier employees.  When employees are happy, there is a greater chance that your employee retention will increase, allowing you to hang on to great employees.

3. Promoting a Healthy Work Environment

Constantly working around the clock can become extremely stressful for many employees.  Stress can cause physical and mental ailments, affecting the overall health and well-being of your employees.  When you encourage your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, you are encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle.

A healthy work environment is important to your business as well as the health and happiness of your employees.

What are some ways you would promote a healthy work-life balance in your business?  Please leave your suggestions below.

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