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How to Recruit for Diversity

How to Recruit for Diversity

When your workplace features people of various ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds, it becomes a more forward-thinking, dynamic place to do business. However, creating this type of environment requires time and attention; it doesn’t just happen on its own. If this is something you’d like to become more aware of, here are some good ways to start:

Reiterate that it’s a priority across the board

Everyone on your team should know that diversity is a priority at your business. This means that all personnel involved with hiring and recruiting is focused on it. When everyone is on the same page, it puts more power behind the initiative.

Make your company accessible

Accessibility is an important part of boosting the diversity found within your organization. By providing the opportunity for internships and on-the-job training, you let people of various backgrounds get an inside look at your business and a foot in the door. It’s also important to take a look at a candidate as a whole when hiring for diversity, instead of zeroing in only on where they went to college or how many certifications they have. Sometimes the most productive employees aren’t the ones who went to Ivy League schools.

Make connections in your community

You can hope that people of diverse backgrounds apply to open positions within your office, but it’s also important to make a proactive effort to reach out and let these individuals know about the opportunities at your company. Develop relationships at career centers on your local college campuses. Attend networking events thrown by various business organizations. Make it a point to learn about the groups in your community. Get outside of your comfort zone. This way you’re not hoping that applicants see the listing and decide to apply; you can spread the word yourself.

Choose the right people to represent your organization

When you want to attract certain groups, it often helps if you have members of these groups go out and speak to their community about job openings. People are often more receptive to your message if it’s coming from someone like them who understands their story and can relate to them. This isn’t a necessity, but when it’s a possibility, use it to make your message more powerful.

Make diversity a part of your company’s brand

Let the community know that diversity matters to your organization by incorporating messages about it in your marketing materials and mission statement. This way, people who may be different from the typical employee at your company can feel comfortable applying for a job, knowing that their skills and insight will be valued at your organization.

How do you focus your efforts on diversity within your organization? Share with us in the comments!

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