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How to Find Highly Qualified Candidates on LinkedIn

How to Find Highly Qualified Candidates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a major resource for hiring managers looking to attract top talent. However, without the right strategy, it can also feel overwhelming and nearly impossible to find the right type of candidate. Here are some tips on using the site effectively to improve hiring efforts:

Zero in on keywords

Keywords are an essential part of using LinkedIn effectively to find the most qualified candidates for your open position. Think about all of the keywords involved in the job title, and then incorporate these into your search in order to get the most effective results. You’ll also want to consider the types of keywords that potential employees would probably use when they’re creating their profiles.

Setup automatic notifications

You can let LinkedIn do the legwork for you. Determine the parameters you’re searching for in a candidate, and then set it so that you get automatic notifications when profiles that match this description are found or created. If you know that you’ll be hiring for this type of role regularly, this is an especially helpful feature to utilize.

Check out all areas of a candidate’s profile

LinkedIn is useful because it allows people to give hiring managers a good sense of what they’re all about. What types of volunteer work do they do? Which professional organizations are they involved with? What kinds of endorsements have they earned from colleagues or supervisors? Take all of these factors into account when analyzing someone’s profile before reaching out about a job.

Take part in LinkedIn Groups

This feature is a great way to get a sense of the major players within your industry. Additionally, it allows you to introduce potential employees to your business in a way that’s comfortable instead of pushy. Begin by commenting on their posts and starting a conversation that way, then move on to reaching out directly.

LinkedIn is also an effective way to let candidates learn a little bit more about you, as well as your business. Make sure to fill out your profile thoroughly, and give a good description of what your company is all about. Provide resources where an interested applicant can find more information about your business’s open positions. Think of LinkedIn as an extension of your company’s website and you’ll find that it’s a useful way to recruit talent and get more applications when you have open positions available.

How do you use LinkedIn to find qualified potential employees? Share with us in the comments!

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