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Get to Know the Types of Tools You Need This Year

Get to Know the Types of Tools You Need this Year

2020 really handed it to HR teams. Even the most seasoned HR pros were put to the test with the mass shift to virtual recruiting and hiring processes all while managing an entire workforce remotely. 

However, the HR tech industry has been a bit ahead of its time — offering a variety of human resources tools to streamline processes and bring teams together effectively in one place. Here are the types of tools every HR pro needs to use in the coming year:

Recruiting Tools

With so many jobs to post and applications to sort through — and not all of them worth your time — recruiting tools simplify the process. 

These tools help you identify potential talent more quickly by providing a space to track your open positions, market them, and review candidates. As a bonus, many are now cloud-based, allowing for easier collaboration with your entire team.

The traditional applicant tracking system (ATS) is the key feature to pay attention to with most recruiting tool software. When given keyword criteria, skills, years of experience, level of education, and more, this software can automatically filter applications to ensure only the best reach the top of your list.

Interview Tools

Interview tools help you schedule and structure interviews, streamlining the process, and even reducing bias with more consistent processes. 

Using one-way video interviews, hiring teams gain greater insight into candidates in a fraction of the time by having talent self-record video answers to structured interview questions. Each candidate receives the same question, worded the same way. 

As a candidate progresses through the hiring process, live video interviews allow for connecting directly with a candidate safely without any geographic restrictions. 

And as you transition back to the office, using interview software doesn’t have to replace your interview strategy completely. You can keep it in your early screening process to review candidates more quickly and identify the top talent you want to put in front of your entire hiring team. 

Onboarding Tools

Onboarding tools strengthen new hires’ transitions into their position at your company making them vital human resources tools. The efficacy of the onboarding experience plays a significant role in your new team members’ confidence and comfort and can have a long-term impact on their success. 

With virtual onboarding tools, you can create self-guided lessons on necessary skills or company-specific policies for new and current employees to learn at their own pace. Then, using feedback and data, you can better understand which areas your team needs to develop further. 

One great example is Lessonly. This tool allows you to onboard new talent as well as create learning paths for current employees. It then provides data you can measure to improve team training continuously. 

Of course, with any great onboarding program, your ability to access information, again and again, is vital for employees’ ongoing success. 

Talent Management Tools

Talent management tools help you plan, engage, attract, and effectively manage talent. 

In the hiring process, they help you stay connected to candidates by giving you one tool that allows you to plan social media posts, automate emails to top talent, and schedule interviews. 

As the talent leaves the candidate side and becomes an employee, you can engage and continue to manage using the same tool — looking at things like one place for communication, goal tracking/planning, and organizational alignment. 

All-in-one HR Tools

Of course, it’s always worth considering an all-in-one human resources tools that tackles everything for your HR needs. 

With an all-in-one, the aim is to make it easy to improve hiring, onboard new employees, manage compensation, develop company culture, and more. While they are not as specialized as some other types of tools beforehand, they are excellent options for those who prefer to keep all of their operations in the same system. 

BambooHR, for example, provides one-stop from hiring to nurturing a healthy company culture. Many of the all-in-one tools also integrate with other HR technology to fill in gaps they don’t offer within their platform. 


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