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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Make a Better First Impression

Depending on which dubious statistic you cite, it takes 8, 10, 12, encounters to make up for a bad first impression. This is difficult enough, but when it comes to your small business trying to hit it off with top talent, you will simply never get that many chances to counteract a bad first impression. Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve your small business’s first impression with top talent at the interview stage. By sprucing up your space, your employees, and your interview style, you can make a better first impression with top talent: here are 4 ways your small business can make a better first impression.

Spruce Up Your Space

Top talent doesn’t want to work in a dingy, cluttered, or boring workspace. Make sure that your small business environment is attractive to candidates (and your employees) by implementing some simple ideas into your office space. First, keep your space tidy. A cluttered office gives candidates (and customers) the impression that your office is disorganized. Also consider some fun or interesting furniture, wall art, or flooring. Even tasteful-looking recycling bins can make your business seem more eco-conscious and welcoming.

Dress Up Your Dress Code

Your employees, whether in reception or otherwise, will also contribute to the first impression of interview candidates. Employees need to look the part on interview days, just like candidates. Standards for dress will vary by industry, but the bottom line is that your staff should look good for your industry. Clothing should be clean, even if it’s jeans and a t-shirt. Like clutter in the office, disheveled employees gives the impression that your business lacks professionalism.

Cheer Up Your Employees

Of course, the look of your employees isn’t the only important thing. Employee behavior is a huge factor in how top talent will react to your small business. If employees seem unhappy and rude, candidates won’t want to work for your small business (duh). If employees are cheerful, polite, and friendly, candidates will know that your business is a positive place to work. This may be more helpful than you might think. Surveys have shown that job seekers would rather take a job they love for less pay, than a job they hated for more.

Prep With Online Interviews

The truth is that candidates begin forming a first impression of your small business before they visit your offices. Staging your offices and employees is important, but your consideration for candidates should begin with your online presence. Make sure that your company website and all ancillary materials look professional and up-to-date. Candidates will also appreciate a video interview in the early rounds of the hiring process. A good video interview shows top talent that your business is tech-savvy and that candidate experience is a top priority for your small business. Good service is a great way to make a first impression.

What steps do you take to make a solid first impression with candidates? Spark a conversation below.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by CarbonNYC

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Kristin has a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in creative writing. In her free time she enjoys long walks, kitchen adventures, and making puns.

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