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The Marketing Lessons Small Business Owners Must Keep in Mind During the Holidays

The Marketing Lessons Small Business Owners Must Keep in Mind During the HolidaysWhether you’re ready for a marketing push centered around New Year’s Eve or are just trying to improve your marketing efforts for next year’s holiday season, there’s plenty to learn about marketing during the holidays. Keep these tips in mind to bring your small business to the next level during this cheerful time of year:

Focus your message

The holiday season is a crucial time for businesses of all sizes, which means that advertising messages are flooding newspapers, radio stations, television, and all other types of media. In order to avoid getting lost in the sea of messages, focus your company’s ad. What is it that you want consumers to hear? What separates you from your competition? What should someone who may not be familiar with your products know about you? When you come up with a creative, original, and thought-provoking campaign, you’ll be able to make your content heard in a crowded space.

Make that message hit home

Around the holiday season, touching messages strike a chord with viewers, so don’t be afraid to go with content that’s more emotional than what you’d normally produce. Take this ad for Air Wick, for example. It made a huge impact and quickly went viral. This kind of content is well-received around the holidays, when people are looking forward to spending time with loved ones and giving back to the community.

Shift your messaging slightly

Realize that around the holiday season, people are no longer buying just for themselves; it becomes more about buying for family members and friends. Therefore, your messaging will need to shift too. Instead of trying to get someone to picture how happy they would be if they bought your product, talk to them about how much their spouse or child or boss would love to receive your product as a gift. It’s similar content, but with the core points shifted slightly for the holiday season.

How does your business alter marketing around the holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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