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The Most Effective Ways to Bring In New Clients

Recruitment agencies need to consistently reinvent their hiring strategies to keep up with the demands of their current clients in the recruitment industry. However, it is equally important for them to acquire new clients in order to remain at the top of their game, especially in the times of cut-throat competition.

Attracting new clients helps a recruitment business expand its business and also decreases their dependence on the existing clients, thus mitigating several risks. Because the services offered by a majority of the recruitment agencies are alike, let us learn how you can build a distinctive image to stand out from rest of the crowd and promote yourself to attract new clients.

It is said that winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. A recruitment agency must recognize the fact that its efforts should not only focus on the offerings, but also on the approach. When you do so, you are increasing your chances of poaching clients. The following are the best ways to add more numbers to your existing client base.

1. Cold Calling

This is the most effective method for expanding your client base. However, it comes with a catch. Cold calling is a method used by all third-party recruiters and unless you can do something unique, you may not have that edge that will help you differentiate your own recruitment agency from the others.

You ought to have compelling reasons regarding why a potential client should choose you over your competitors or his current recruitment agency. You should start by answering the following question – Why would a prospective client patiently hear you out for over 30 seconds? If you have a satisfactory answer to that, half the battle is won!

2. Digital Media Marketing

Digital marketing makes use of electronic devices like computers, smartphones and tablets to engage with prospective clients. It also includes technologies and platforms like websites, social networks, apps and e-mail.

  • LinkedIn – The most popular professional network, LinkedIn is a platform that can reap immediate results if optimized completely. This is one place where you must have a strong presence. Build a strong network with professionals from your industry and zero in on potential clients that you can pursue. Make use of tools like LinkedIn Groups or sign up for a premium account to avail the maximum benefits. LinkedIn also helps you find candidates.
  • Twitter – This micro-blogging site gives you the chance to connect with people with similar interests, allowing you to follow the latest trends in the industry. It lets you engage in interesting discussions. You can leverage the medium to increase your visibility in front of relevant people and generate more business.
  • Email Marketing – This is a tried and tested way to connect with potential clients in modern times. You can reach out to a huge audience and generate leads at a very small cost.

3. Pay-Per-Referral

This method proves useful when you don’t have sufficient resources, like manpower or money. It helps you get in touch with part-timers and freelancers who are willing to refer a client to you. All you have to do is reward them with an introduction fee for their referral. You can later pay a successful fee once the deal is closed. You may offer either one of them or offer them as a combined package.

4. Traditional Marketing

Most traditional marketing strategies are categorized as print, broadcast and direct mail.It consists of the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Time-tested marketing techniques like branding and positioning have helped identify audience, select the right channels and develop marketing material for efficacy.

  • Branding – Make efforts to create a brand image contextual to the nature of your business. Begin by creating an attractive logo that develops brand recall and brings recognition. It would be wise to hire a professional graphic designer for the job so that the company logo comes across as professional and engaging.
  • Positioning – The most important part is to correctly position yourself as a specialist recruitment agency and create a credible image so that your clients trust you. If the potential customers perceive your agency as just another recruitment firm, you may not be conveying the right message.

Using just one of these methods may be inadequate. So, try adopting a combination of the given methods for best results. Recruiters may also use new age media to brand themselves better and increase reach.

5. Video Interviews

Video interviewing is an excellent way of effectively branding an organization. By using state-of-the-art video interview platforms you get to secure an edge among contemporaries. This modern-day practice not only helps companies pump up their brand value by creating favorable perceptions through innovative means, it also reduces hiring costs by up to 30% and helps identify unsuitable candidates early on in the hiring process. Faster and way more effective, the practice of interviewing applicants over video ensures there are no surprises later and allows your clients to hire international candidates as well.

Branding through video interviews helps create a brand image that the candidates associate with modernity and progress. Once you are successful in building an image that shouts sophistication and advancement, your client will only gain from such perceptions because then the applicants would be associating their potential employer with the same qualities. When the candidate starts doing that, your branding strategy becomes successful, thus allowing you to easily hire by continuing the positive employer branding throughout the recruitment process.

About the Author: Sudha Mishra is an Entrepreneur, loves blogging occasionally too. She is professionally attached with a popular job search portal

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