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Video Interviews Boost Productivity in the Staffing Process

Video Interviews Boost Productivity in the Staffing Process

Whether your staffing team makes collaborative decisions on talent or you just need to share access to a vetted talent pool, video interviews offer several benefits to boost productivity. And if you weren’t using video interviews regularly before the push to virtual hiring processes in the spring of 2020, you probably are now.

As you know, video interviews became an integral part of keeping companies on track to meet growth goals over the last year. More candidates than ever have experience with the video interview process. Plus, your clients may expect you to use video interviewing to stay ahead of the competition.

All expectations aside, video interviews boost productivity and streamline many aspects of the staffing process by making collaboration seamless. We’ve outlined three ways your staffing team can boost productivity by using a video interview platform:

1. Cut out scheduling chaos

As a staffing professional, your schedule is spread thin between candidates, clients, and collaborating with your teams. A convenient perk of using one-way video interviews for your screening process? They can be reviewed by anyone on the team at any time.

Right from the initial invitation, video interviews cut down on the time and conflicts involved with traditional in-person screening interviews. Once you receive a one-way video interview from a candidate, you can set a due date for feedback and put the link to review right into your team calendar. If you move a candidate on to a live video interview or plan to meet in person, you can quickly and easily check teammates’ schedules to determine a convenient time for those involved in the decision-making process.

It’s critical everyone has easy access to your calendar so you don’t double-book interviews or team meetings. Using a team scheduling tool improves collaboration and productivity across staffing teams by making everyone’s calendars accessible. 

You only have to track what interviews you put onto your schedule, and your teammates can coordinate meetings around your availability. Likewise, when you need to request feedback from a team member, you need only check their calendar. You naturally boost productivity by simply removing the game of tag trying to align schedules.

Pro Tip: Your calendar link is a great professional accessory for your email signature and profiles. Prominently display the invitation to connect!

2. Streamline collaborative evaluations

As previously mentioned, collaborating on interview evaluations is a cinch when considering the convenience of reviewing in your own time, place, and pace. This is especially true when pulling together feedback from a team of busy staffing professionals. By using a dedicated video interview platform to effortlessly organize and track feedback, your team reaches next-level productivity.

Team members can review the same interview, reducing bias in the staffing process. Not to mention, the feedback is instantly accessible to everyone.

Jotting down notes and passing them between colleagues, or expecting a final decision-maker to collect and compare everyone’s feedback leaves room for error. Using a video interview platform where comments can be shared directly on the candidate’s interview profile cuts out the back-and-forth.

Plus, using a dedicated video interview platform that enables all reviewers to instantly access structured evaluation criteria keeps assessments fair and consistent. Streamlining the evaluation process ensures your team makes high-quality placements faster. This means they can focus their energy on sourcing and funneling in new top talent. 

Pro Tip: Create candidate evaluation cards that display digitally alongside video interviews. These checklists keep all reviewers on the same page, speeding up the process while keeping assessments fair.

3. Share access to a video talent library

It’s true that creating a talent library sets up your team for ongoing success. But thumbing through file folders of interview notes is time-consuming and doesn’t present a clear picture of the candidates. The better option: video interviews. Video profiles of each candidate can be kept on file and easily shared between team members.

One client’s silver medal candidate is sure to be another’s gold! You cannot afford to lose track of top talent in your pipeline. When an ideal role opens up, you and your staffing team members can easily load a candidate’s video interview to assess for fit.

These video interview profiles are a great way to benchmark skills and experiences in top candidates as well. Their development indicates growth potential that may make them suitable for more roles.

Not having to source fresh talent for all open roles saves you and your teammates time. This makes it possible for you to prioritize communicating with candidates and clients, reviewing valuable staffing metrics to continuously improve performance, and yes, even finding work-life balance to reduce staffing stress.

After all, more than a quarter (26%) of working adults in a Colonial Life survey reported stress makes them less productive, and 15% state they are less engaged.

Pro Tip: Set up a system to organize talent that lets your team easily identify the candidates they need to fit into clients’ open roles. Be sure everyone understands how your system works to keep talent flowing through your pipeline seamlessly.

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.