Recruiting Technology Questions

Recruiting Technology Questions You Need To Be Asking

There’s no doubt that recruiting technology has drastically changed every aspect of a hiring manager’s job. From the way professionals find talent, to the way they move candidates through the interview process, the field continually develops as technology shifts. However, while there are plenty of pros that come with new systems and tools, there are […]

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Recruiting Technology You Should Love

Happy Valentine’s Day: The Recruiting Technology You Should Love

Love is in the air. Recruiting technology love, that is! It’s no secret that cutting edge technology can be great for workplace productivity. But with so many different tools available, HR managers have to pick the tools that address their unique issues. In honor of the holiday, here’s some of the recruiting technology industry experts […]

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The Recruiting Reel with Janine Woodworth

The Recruiting Reel Episode 8: 2016 Recruiting Tech Trends

In this special episode of The Recruiting Reel, Janine Woodworth discusses the most important 2016 recruiting tech trends we should all be implementing in the New Year. #TheRecruitingReel Episode 8 is live! Featuring @JanineWoodworth and @AllThingsBiz Watch it here: Click To Tweet Here’s the transcript of the episode: Josh Tolan: Hey everyone, my name is […]

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