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6 Essential HR Tools for Busy HR Professionals

6 Essential Tools for Busy HR Professionals

Human resource is the only department in a company that is directly connected with all business processes and employees. Its functions are diverse and include dealing with crucial data.

Performing HR processes manually can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and complex. However, digital HR tools have transformed every task of an HR manager. They leverage automation capabilities to save time, cut costs, and manage the workforce easily. Technology has made them innovators from just practitioners.

Essential Tools for HR Professionals

HR tools assist you in many ways but finding different systems for your business’s needs is tricky. Plenty of options exist, each providing a different solution and features. To aid your search, here are some efficient tools listed to streamline various HR functions.

Spark Hire: Video Interviewing 

Spark Hire is a one-stop solution that enables you to make quicker, easier, and more thoughtful hiring decisions even during remote conditions. One of the good things about the software is that it is suitable for any size and type of business. 

Whether you want to schedule live interviews or allow candidates to pre-record the interview, Spark Hire makes it all possible for you. It also allows you to set personalized interview questions as per job requirements, responsibilities, and behavior. Spark Hire comes with a mobile app and unique SMS features that enable applicants, recruiters, and hiring professionals to connect with each other and simplify interviewing at any stage of the hiring process.

Key Features

  • You are able to configure the time limit to think, maximum attempts, and length of answers for recorded interviews.
  • Candidates can record one-way and live video interviews from any location without the hassle of scheduling conflicts.
  • Employers can personalize interviews by adding your company logo and color theme and welcome messages to highlight your branding.
  • You can conduct interviews directly from your preferred browser or device without any separate software/application required.
  • You can send out SMS invitations and reminders so you never miss meeting with candidates.
  • Hiring decision-makers can easily share, review, and provide feedback on video interviews to enhance collaboration.

iSmartRecruit: Applicant Tracking System

iSmartRecruit is an Applicant Tracking System that is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and affordable ATS & CRM system that helps you to attract, nurture, and hire top talent. Through the AI and automated features, recruiters can not only improve their productivity to make more placements but also achieve greater ROI while providing a great applicant experience for candidates. 

It offers the best-in-class support and personalized training sessions to onboard you well and make you capable of taking maximum advantage of the system. You can easily grow your business and scale your team without constraints and limitations.

Key Features

  • Enables you to find the best matching candidates out of your candidate database with its advanced boolean, semantic, and fuzzy techniques.
  • The applicant management system by iSmartRecruit provides a mobile-friendly experience where users can quickly process submissions and communicate through their mobile phones from anywhere.
  • It parses a bunch of resumes in a second and builds a candidate database by automatically uploading resumes from your system.
  • It eliminates biases and boosts diversity, equity & inclusion; while selecting the best candidate that perfectly matches the job openings; candidate scorecards evaluate their past performance, and interviewers can rate candidates efficiently based on predetermined criteria. 
  • It helps you track your overall hiring procedure on a single screen.
  • Customizable reporting for each mandatory task helps monitor and evaluate the efficiency of the team’s productivity. Appropriate data analytics and insights help organizations in future decision-making.

Zavvy: Employee Enablement

Zavvy is an all-in-one employee enablement software to preboard & onboard HR tool, develop and train your employees. Its intuitive workflow builder lets you set complete workflows for your new hires.

Zavvy’s mission is to enable people and organizations to acquire, grow, and fully use their capabilities. By focusing on the employee experience, companies can develop, engage and retain their best performers. 

Key features

  • You can seamlessly organize orientation days, founder intros, new hire meetups, and more with automatic event scheduling. Plus, with automated reminders, you ensure your employees always stay on track.
  • Slack, MS Teams, and email integrations allow you to reach your employees directly where they spend most of their time. You can use this feature to send nudges of learning, making knowledge stick through quizzes and reflections.
  • Configuring employee growth cycles is simple and intuitive. Start by establishing clear competencies for every role and seniority to help people understand where they are and where to improve. You can make progress visible at all times to motivate employees and help people managers give feedback and targeted support. 
  • The 360 feedback feature is fully customized to your needs: you can set up a company-wide feedback system for upward, downward, peer, or self-evaluations. 
  • You will gain access to a ready-to-use template gallery covering focus areas such as onboarding buddy programs, sales onboarding, employee connection programs, career progression, feedback surveys, and much more.

factoTime: Attendance Management

factoTime is a one-stop solution to automate attendance management. This HR tool is built for small-scale enterprises. It reduces the burden and saves HR bandwidth by monitoring the accurate working hours of the employees. 

As employees can mark their attendance using their mobile devices, organizations can eliminate the use of touch-based biometrics and reduce any surface contamination. factoTime is a complete solution to manage time, shifts, wages, calendars, and much more.

Key Features

  • You can allow employees to mark their clock-in and clock-out using QR codes, punch with selfie and location, and geo-fencing.
  • You can create day, night, or flexi shifts, configure holiday and work calendars and calculate wages based on different pay rates and overtime.
  • You can generate and import reports with a single click. It helps you make data-driven decisions.
  • In case of attendance corrections, you can add and delete attendance punch.
  • The app sends real-time alerts for attendance punch-in/outs.
  • In case of any query, you get 24*7 real-time chat support with their customer representative.

Bonusly: Employee Recognition

Bonusly is a robust yet comprehensive employee recognition software. The company strongly believes in bringing people together, enhancing productivity, and improving engagement among teams.

With Bonusly, recognition and rewards can be made collaborative, fun, and easy to bring out the best in your people. It enhances the company culture and highlights the efforts of managers, employees, and teams. Furthermore, you can also set up surveys to get insights into employee experience, engagement, and requirements. All of this helps in reducing the turnover ratio. 

Key Features

  • You can build customizable surveys using the resource library.
  • The Reward Catalog provides you with various options like wellness incentives, referrals, gift cards, etc., to keep the employees engaged with the company.
  • For every reward, you can easily monitor your total spending.
  • With insightful analytics, you can track trends and patterns in your organization to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce.
  • Configure a personalized dashboard for managers with shortcuts and bonus feeds.

PerformYard: Performance Management

PerformYard is a powerful performance management platform that helps in monitoring and enhancing employee performance. As every organization and its performance process is unique, this HR tool adapts to the company and meets every requirement. 

It helps align employees’ goals with the company and sets transparency between the workforce and managers during review cycles. The best thing about this HR tool is whether you have simple goals or complex ones, PerformYard manages both seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Managers can easily add the company goals to the system and bifurcate them into different achievable tasks. They can assign tasks to employees and track their progress in real-time.
  • You can set 360 reviews and gather collective feedback from peers, managers, direct reports and clients to evaluate performance.
  • With continuous feedback, managers can provide ongoing performance feedback rather than a one-time process.
  • The dashboard enables the review status across teams, and reporting capabilities make it easy to dive deeper into the data.

eduMe: Employee Training

eduMe is a mobile-first platform that provides training access to deskless workers at their fingertips. It helps to onboard and train the workforce and ensures 100% compliance.

From creating learning content to offering it, the HR tool provides various functionalities to you. You can create in-depth and attractive content to make the new hires learn easily. Employees do not require a password or a separate application to access the training.

Key Features

  • The tool makes it easy for HR to onboard multiple employees in one go. Plus, the introductory session can be automated to provide new joiners with a great understanding of company standards.
  • Managers can set the learning resources for employees from beginners to advanced levels. 
  • With the dashboard, managers can track the status of the training process.
  • Test assessments help in measuring the knowledge skills of workers. At any point in the training process, you can enable assessments to ask questions from the previous concepts.


In the modern world, it is hard to imagine an HR department functioning without any tech assistance. Thus increasingly, HRs are leveraging digital technology to get more excellent results and save time.

Numerous tools are available in the market for different functions, but it depends on your company and its workforce to choose which process to automate and which tool to use. Company goals and budgets should also be considered while selecting a particular tool. However, the tools mentioned above are feature-rich and excel at the work. In addition, they are budget-friendly also; so the list can help you in your search for excellent HR tools.

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