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The Recruiting Reel with Janine Woodworth

The Recruiting Reel Episode 8: 2016 Recruiting Tech Trends

In this special episode of The Recruiting Reel, Janine Woodworth discusses the most important 2016 recruiting tech trends we should all be implementing in the New Year.

Here’s the transcript of the episode:

Josh Tolan: Hey everyone, my name is Josh Tolan and I’m the CEO of Spark Hire, the leading video interviewing platform used by thousands of organizations around the world.

And this is The Recruiting Reel, a video series in which we discuss real recruiting challenges with prominent recruiting experts so you walk away with actionable tips you can apply to your own recruiting.

Today’s episode features Janine Woodworth who is currently a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at the Talent Function Group. Throughout her career, Janine has led global talent acquisition projects for some of the world’s largest brands including Apple and Sun Microsystems which was acquired by Oracle.

Janine’s expertise ranges from recruiting systems and operations, process re-engineering, change management, and in-house corporate recruiting for the High Tech and Healthcare industries.

This episode of The Recruiting Reel is the 2nd episode of our two part New Year Special!

And in this episode about 2016 Hiring Predictions, Janine shares a couple recruiting tech trends that she thinks are going take off in the next year.

Take it away Janine!

Janine Woodworth: Hi! My name is Janine Woodworth, and I am a Consultant with Talent Function. Talent Function is a boutique consulting firm that helps our clients with their recruiting technology and processes. And today I’m going to talk to you about the trends that I’m seeing in recruiting for 2016.

Certainly the first one — I’m sure you heard before — is recruiting analytics. I anticipate that more and more recruiting organizations are going to jump on this bandwagon and really look to recruiting technology analytics vendors to help them with identifying their challenges that they face with regard to people or processes and the technologies.

If you’ve got the right analytics and technology offerings, you can do a “what-if” analysis, you can really develop some modeling to really optimize the recruiter performance and the bench-strengths you have within your teams.

So that I expect to be huge and if you’ve got the analytics and you’ve got a data, you can take that to your leadership within your organization to really help drive the budgets that you’ll need for other technologies or solutions or maybe additional people that you may need on your team.

Certainly recruiting analytics is number one, and secondly I’m hearing a lot of need in the marketplace for interview scheduling tools and technology solutions. We’ve got recruiting assistants that are certainly costly, but it’s also just the time and the lack of efficiency with how much time our recruiting team’s really working to get their interviews on the schedule, all the logistical details with regard to that, and there are technology solutions out there in the market.

I think that this is a growing technology, and I expect more and more companies are going to be jumping on that, but we do really have a huge need in the market to reduce the cost of interview scheduling, and wouldn’t it be nice if we had some solutions out there that could help us really leverage our Outlook, have candidates self-schedule themselves, if there’re revisions to the calendars that have auto-updates in the interview teams Outlook calendars and schedules. So, a lot of opportunity in interview scheduling as well, and expect that we’ll see that in the coming year.

Good luck to all of us in our recruiting adventures in 2016. Thanks!

Josh Tolan: The technologies that Janine focused on are already starting to catch on amongst today’s most innovative recruiting teams and I do believe that she’s spot on when she says these technologies are really poised to take off within the next year.

Adding on to this, I think that we’re really going to start seeing recruiting teams embrace the idea of a software stack, like marketing and sales teams are doing at today’s leading organizations.

The stack is going to be different for each business, but the recruiting teams that can build a stack of effective recruiting technologies and implement them within a repeatable framework for success that empowers new recruiting team members to get up and running quickly — those are going to be the teams that win the war for talent in 2016.

I want to thank today’s expert, Janine Woodworth for coming on the show. I encourage you guys to check out and read Janine’s bio to learn more about her background and even schedule a consultation. And while you’re at it, follow Janine on Twitter @JanineWoodworth.

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I hope you liked our two part New Year Special. Thanks for watching — Happy New Year and happy recruiting, everyone!

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.