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3 Easy Steps to Hiring Your Dream Team

3 Easy Steps to Hiring Your Dream Team

3 Easy Steps to Hiring Your Dream TeamPuzzled by the gradual slump in your company’s growth rate and talent level? It’s time to sit up and take notice of the depth of talent shortage, and act fast! The global market is abuzz with exciting job opportunities for young, smart, and talented people. You may have to change your conventional methods of hiring and focus of offbeat ideas to pool some of the smartest candidates into a superb team.

Before you start recruiting people on a massive scale, it’s important to understand the concept behind talent pools. The idea is to create a backup of the best minds, to help grow your company from all angles. Your talent pool doesn’t have to include a specific area of expertise, they can be a diverse group of skilled people, who are the crème de la crème of their respective chosen fields.

To go about building an impressive talent pool, you need to identify the right people, and hire the best team. Here are some fresh tips on how to get started.

Step 1 – Your Branding Matters the Most

If the current market scenario is anything to go by, branding is everything! The number of applications you receive is directly impacted by the way you market your company to the public. Brand personas of bigwigs like Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have become ingrained into public consciousness through their online and offline presence. When you’re attempting to reach a wide and varied audience, you need to understand how to build a lasting connection with them. Start by building a visual identity for your company. Come up with interesting and inspiring campaigns, which spread socially relevant messages.

Step 2 – Leverage Social Media for Your #Hiring Requirements

According to the statistics of a survey collected by Mediabistro in the US, 29% respondents confessed to using social media as their prime tool in job search. This translates to a whopping 14.4 million candidates! What makes social network click with today’s youth is its accessibility. Make this work in your organization’s favour by trying to gather a sizeable online presence to attract people. Showcase what your company has to offer by communicating to candidates through social media. It’s wise to invest in unique and relevant content through trending photos, videos, and memes. Once you’ve won the loyalty of your fan following, you’ve got them hooked. Keep your followers updated with recent news about your company via Twitter. With Facebook, you can personalise content on your page and post relevant articles, news. You could aso use these platforms to display the work culture in your office. Don’t forget to continue posting on career sites and job-portals as well, as these are the tried and tested methods of recruitment.

Step 3 – Start From Within Your Organization

According to a recent study, 41 % people believe that employee testimonials are more credible than a firm’s PR department. Depend upon your top-level employees to provide referrals for you to lure smarter people in your group. When your employees are happy with your work culture and their growth curve, they’d only be happy to promote it amongst their social circles, giving you a chance to meet professionals with similar ethics and values. Get them to rate, review and write motivating testimonials on your website and various social media pages.

About the Author: As Head of Marketing at Aditi Staffing, Rakesh Singh is responsible for organizational brand outlook. Rakesh very strongly believes in the golden circle of why, how and what and supports Aditi Staffing’s success by connecting the brand with candidates, clients and the recruitment engineers in the same manner. With over 10 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles including an entrepreneurship attempt in the Digital Display Advertising world, he brings a comprehensive approach to Aditi Staffing’s brand management in the global recruitment market.

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