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Connecting with Talent Across Borders [Whitepaper]

Connecting with Talent Across Borders [Whitepaper]

Sometimes sourcing candidates outside of your region is beneficial for the success of your company. But how can recruiting and hiring professionals stay on budget while also maintaining a positive employment brand when sourcing across borders?

Travel costs may not be an option for many organizations, so things like video interviewing solutions, social media, and mobile careers pages are among a few things discussed in this whitepaper that can help companies connect with talent more efficiently.  Spark Hire has come out with the whitepaper titled “Connecting with Talent Across Borders” explaining how to connect with non-local, top-notch talent, simply and affordably.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to utilize video interviewing software, how to get social with candidates, the importance of mobilizing your efforts, and how to add value to those long-distance candidates who aren’t available to come to the office for an in-person interview.

If you’re a talent acquisition expert, download this incredibly valuable whitepaper, “Connecting with Talent Across Borders”, to enhance the way you connect with the top-notch candidates your organization needs!

Connect With Talent Across Borders Whitepaper

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