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Hiring Gen Z: The Future of Work

Hiring Gen Z: The Future of Work

A few days back, it seems, we were talking about millennials. Now, Gen Z is ready to work and looking for the right jobs. It is likely to think about what best you can do to attract them. Gen Z is not submitting to traditional work models held by employers. As a result, HR is going to take a closer look at the hiring strategy and must include new strategies in its business recruitment plan. Companies no longer want to ‘tick the boxes’. They are looking for innovations and new ideas to bring a significant change, and your hiring process must reflect that. With Gen Z, this is where action speaks louder than words. 

Let’s discuss what HR teams need to change to accommodate this generation of workers.

Social Media

Social media is a boom that helps recruiters reach out to Gen Z candidates. With the introduction of social media tools, there is a significant boost in the speed of the recruitment process. Embracing technology will not only help in attracting candidates but also help you have an edge over other hiring companies. Many companies are visiting the HR technology marketplace where users can choose apps to update candidate information from social profiles. The social recruitment process is a fast way to interact with candidates. Gen Z is growing and doing so with the internet, which means they are aware of how to use the internet and how to make it useful. Social recruitment is also a perfect opportunity for recruiters to promote their company’s brand on social channels. 

Using Technology Intelligently

As we all know, automation plays a pivotal part in today’s hiring process. Technology is there to rescue recruiters by cutting down the tedious, lengthy task of sorting through resumes. With tools like resume parser software, applicant tracking systems, and video interviewing platforms,  it is easy to learn about your candidates. A resume parser helps in extracting data from candidates’ resumes and saves it in data fields. Resumes are sorted out in a blink of an eye, making the process quick and efficient. Applicant tracking systems allow HR teams to create, coordinate, and monitor the whole of the hiring process. Video interviewing allows recruiters and hiring managers alike to learn more about candidates faster than ever before.Innovations always bring change in the hiring process. So it is crucial to stay tuned with upcoming changes and new concepts. 

Transparency and Flexibility

Gen Z is pushing the boundaries of traditional work models, and to attract Gen Z, HR needs to review their talent retention strategies. Gen Z candidates seek clarity on everything, including on management. Flexible schedule offerings and remote working capabilities give them a sense of control over their work life. Some candidates from Gen Z rank flexible work schedules close to the top of their employee’s benefit list. Promoting your organization’s flexible work schedule will not only help you to recruit Gen Z but also attract the “old folks”, millennials, to your open positions.

Learning and Training Programs

Just as every generation has varying preferences, they also have major differences in learning and developing preferences. This generation wants to be with a company that invests in them and helps them to upgrade their skills. Gen Z predominantly learns by doing and prefers an active learning environment. They believe in learning by watching and listening to recorded lectures, watching other online resources or videos, and researching information on the web which makes them active learners. F for Gen Z, this means YouTube is a heavily favored site. Thus, companies have started investing in developing searchable video libraries to provide better video learning lessons for their employees. But keep in mind that all these lessons and other digital learning tools you offer, need to be easily accessible from a mobile device. 

Quick Response

If you are looking for new talent, you will be targeting Gen Z. With Gen Z, you must keep in mind that they belong to a swift generation who grew up with technology from the moment they are born. Many Gen Z’ers are adept at multitasking and another trait that characterizes Gen Z candidates is their speed and preference for swift action. A quick response will help Gen Z think well of your organization. Gen Z doesn’t waste any time. If you aren’t responding to them in time, you might lose many best talent in the market. 

Time has come for you to acquire new skills to stay ahead. The HR department is responsible for making use of technology in day-to-day operations which will create more happy workers and a happier workplace.


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Lovepreet DhaliwalLovepreet Dhaliwal works with RChilli Inc, a leading CV/resume parsing provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over eight years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.

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