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How Older Workers Add Value to a Company

How Older Workers Add Value to a CompanyWhile it’s exciting to have a staff filled with young people and fresh ideas, don’t discount the importance of having a few veterans on your team too. Older workers bring an entirely new dimension to your workplace, and can be highly valuable when utilized properly. Some of the traits that older workers typically possess include:

  • Significant experience: They’ve been in the field for a while, and know how to handle various situations that may present themselves. They can offer valuable insight and help you to guide your company in the right direction.
  • A range of skills: Older workers have moved up the ladder and may have held various jobs throughout their careers. This means that they can successfully do a number of different tasks, and can assist other employees within your organization while they’re at it.
  • Mentoring skills: Older employees can serve as leaders in your business, and can mentor younger team members who are just getting started. They can provide them with tips on what works and what doesn’t, and can coach them so that their skills improve quickly.
  • Confidence: Veteran team members have the experience and proven track record necessary to foster confidence, which can make them great at presenting, interacting with clients, and pitching new ideas.
  • Punctuality: Older employees have been working for years, so they know how to keep themselves organized. They show up on time and prepared for meetings.
  • Maturity: When a person has been working for many years, they are less likely to get flustered by situations that pop up during the workday. Whether it’s an argument with a co-worker or a dissatisfied client, they’re able to handle it calmly and efficiently.

Employees with more experience can become important leaders within your organization. Use them to help guide newer team members, and to provide a calm, focused presence in your office.

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