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How Social Media Can and Should Change Your Recruiting Process

How Social Media Can and Should Change Your Recruiting ProcessSocial media has changed the way we communicate, land new clients, and find out about new products. Additionally, it’s also changed the way we find new talent. In order to find the best fit for an open position within your organization, embrace social media and use it to enhance your recruiting efforts. Here are some ways to do this most effectively:

Post open positions where your candidates are spending their time

If you want the most desirable candidates to find out about your open position, post the listing in a spot where they’ll see it. This could be Twitter or LinkedIn, or it may be on an industry-specific job board. This greatly increases your chances of catching the eye of top-tier talent.

Make sure your recruiting efforts are mobile friendly

People are becoming increasingly dependent on their smartphones, so you want to make sure that you’re reaching them in this way too, and not just through laptops or desktops. Your company’s website should look great when loaded on a tablet or a smartphone, and you may also want to consider creating an app if it makes sense for your business. If a person has to pinch and scroll to try to load your business’s site on their phone, they’ll probably think twice about going through the trouble of finding the job listing.

Embrace non-traditional interview methods

You should embrace technology that makes interviewing easier, particularly when it allows you to reach a broader scope of candidates. Video interviewing, for example, enables you to chat with professionals from all over the country without having to fly them in to talk. You can also have these people pre-record their answers so you can still hear from them even if schedules don’t line up due to scheduling conflicts or time zone issues. As an employer, this is a huge perk. You’re no longer forced to find a person within your city or state to fill the job. You truly can search the world to find the most talented individual to fill an open position.

Give a peek into your company’s culture

Candidates today are interested in the behind the scenes at a company. Beyond the salary and vacation time, what’s it actually like to come into work each day? Use social media to give some insight into your company culture. This can help to draw a potential employee in, especially if they see that your values truly align with their own.

How do you use social media to help with your recruiting efforts? Let us know in the comments!

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