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How to Attract the Best Candidates with Your Talent Brand

How to Attract the Best Candidates with Your Talent Brand

Employer branding is the way in which a company positions themselves to job seekers and is an essential part of an organization’s talent acquisition process. Ninety-one percent of job candidates say that employment brand plays a key role in their decision to apply with a certain company. However, gone are the days of companies only having to think about maintaining their employer brand.

The increasing popularity of social media sites has played a big role in the conceptualization of talent brand, which is defined by LinkedIn as the “highly social, totally public version of your employer brand incorporating what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work”. Simply put, a company’s talent brand is in the hands of the very candidates they are looking to connect with and hire. Furthermore, talent brand often plays an even larger role in attracting (or repelling) job seekers.

Below are tips on how companies can ensure a positive talent brand to gain the interest of top-notch talent, from wherever they are in the world, that will help their organization grow:

Monitor online reviews and comments

Anyone can say just about anything on the Internet about any particular company. It’s important to designate people on your team to frequently monitor LinkedIn and websites such as Glassdoor for reviews and comments by talent towards your company.

If a negative review or comment about your company happens to be posted somewhere, don’t let it sit unacknowledged and affect the views of potential candidates. Address it right away so you can nip the problem in the bud immediately.

Get on camera

“Showing” will always be better than “telling” when it comes to convincing candidates why they should want to work at your company. Consider incorporating company culture videos showcasing your organization on your careers page and promote them across all social media accounts. The videos could be of office tours, comments from current employees, company events, etc.

Be active and visible on social media

A study by CareerBuilder found that over sixty percent of candidates will tell others about a good experience with a company and fifty percent claimed they wouldn’t hesitate to share a bad experience. Additionally, sixty-two percent of candidates utilize social media to confirm that what companies are “selling” them about their brand is accurate.

These statistics show the  importance of being active and visible on social media. A large population of job seekers are on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, therefore, people from your company should be on there too. Establish social media strategies such as posting content relevant to job seekers to pique their interest and sharing photos from around your office to display your fun, unique company culture. Moreover, developing a strong presence on social media will enable your company to connect with job seekers that may live in a different state or country.

Job seekers are increasingly depending on the insight of their peers when determining if it’s worth their time to apply at a certain company. Therefore, it’s crucial that companies invest time and resources into ensuring a positive company talent brand so as to avoid missing out on the rockstar talent they’re looking for.

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