Improve Your Candidate Experience Like This Bay Area TA Pro

Improve Your Candidate Experience Like This Bay Area Talent Acquisition Pro

Kris Osborne, Head of Talent Acquisition at Thanx, joins The Growth Recruiting Podcast to tout the importance of the candidate experience. He explains why he decided to go from the military to talent acquisition, the challenges of recruiting at a startup and building your recruiting brand. Kris gives advice and best practices to create a […]

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Why Your Employer Brand Needs to Include Your Employees

Your Employer Brand Is Missing One Key Element — Your Employees

A strong employer brand delivers value throughout the entire hiring process: from attracting the right talent, which makes candidate sourcing easy, to representing your company accurately during the interview process. But how do you bring your employer brand to the next level? We spoke to Lauryn Sargent and Mollie Delp to learn about the best […]

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How to create distinct employer branding with the voice of your employees

[Webinar] Creating A Distinct Employer Brand With The Voice Of Your Employees

The most genuine expression of your company’s brand is right outside your door. It can be the difference between a mediocre and stand-out candidate. And it’s often underutilized, because you see it every day. Your employees and their daily interactions are your company’s brand. But are you leveraging them? We have partnered with NextWave Hire […]

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