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How to Stand Out to Students at a Job Fair

How to Stand Out to Students at a Job Fair

A lot goes on at job fairs. Students engage in dozens of conversations with representatives from all different types of companies, which can leave them feeling a bit overwhelmed. On the other hand, it’s important to consider the amount of pressure on the representatives of these companies to recruit top-tier talent in this competitive environment. 

As recruiters, you want the best of the best to not only approach your booth, but also leave with a positive, long-lasting impression of your company. However, being amongst sometimes hundreds of other companies makes it that much more difficult to recruit the most skilled students with the highest potential. 

Want to make the best impression on students at a job fair and ensure they want to work at your company? Read on and consider some of these ways you can stand out. 

Sport a sophisticated look

It’s important to exude confidence to stand out amongst other recruiters, while maintaining your reliability. This means adjusting your look in order to come across as more self-assured. In fact, one study shows that certain physical characteristics, like thick hair (specifically in men), can encourage others to see them as more approachable and successful. Women, on the other hand, have proven to appear successful, yet approachable by dressing at or above the event’s level of formality. Take advantage of your best characteristics and refine your look prior to the event. For thicker hair, men can work with a doctor to explore treatments that slow hair loss to put their most approachable look forward. Women can check out a guide to attire based on work culture and choose an appropriate outfit. Either way, make sure you stand out amongst other representatives by appearing successful, sociable, and confident.

Look into your competition (and the students)

With so many other brands looking for similar talent, you’ll need to look into them before the event in order to evaluate your competition. Learn what they have to offer and their benefits and downfalls. Use that knowledge to formulate your pitch to stand out and emphasize what aspects of your company job-seekers are likely to favor. Equally important is the need to look into the audience you’ll be interacting with and the school where the job fair takes place. Find out what fields the school and students specialize in to help decide what parts of your company to promote. Maybe company perks like flex time will speak to students or maybe you’re better off promoting your company’s awards and recognitions in the field. Research and analyze your surroundings to successfully and efficiently recruit the best students at the event. 

Follow up

It’s necessary to thank each student you speak with for taking the time to engage with you, but

students who made the best first impressions should receive a follow-up message the day after the event. Whether it’s via email or over the phone, express your appreciation for their time and include a more personal touch to the message. Reach out to the students you feel had the most potential to offer professional advice, talk about next steps, or request further information from them. It’s helpful to include a detail from the conversation you and the student established a bond over, like a mutual friend, a hobby you have in common, or a humorous moment from the interaction.

Before your next event, consider some of these ways to make the best, lasting impression on students. Make students want to work at your company by preparing for the job fair and putting forward your best effort.

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