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Must-Know Strategies for Hiring and Retaining New Grads

Must-Know Strategies for Hiring and Retaining New GradsRecent graduates possess a passion and an energy that stands to benefit an organization. They have new ideas and a strong understanding about technology, making them powerful assets to a company. However, as the economy regains its strength and job possibilities continue to open up, you’ll want to make sure that your business is competitive in order to land bright, young talent. Secondly, you’ll want to do your part to make sure that these young professionals continue to grow and develop within your organization. There are a few crucial ways to do this. They include:

Offering up small perks

Employees want to feel as if they’re appreciated, and see the value in small perks that they enjoy just by working where they do. Whether it’s free breakfast one day a week, casual Fridays, or discounts at local restaurants, these benefits won’t go unnoticed. In fact, they may help to set you apart from your competition, landing you some of the industry’s most inspiring young talent.

Help your employees to grow and develop

Recent graduates often hope to stay with an organization for a good chunk of their career, but end up leaving when they feel their career is stalling or that they’re not getting guidance from management. In order to retain young talent, make sure that they have the support they need in order to grow as a team member. Don’t just hire them and then leave them alone as they work. Consider setting up a mentoring program or a regular review system where they’re able to get feedback, tips, and answers to questions. This helps them to take their career to the next level, eliminating the need to go elsewhere.

Understand what matters to them

People who are entering the workforce today have different values and goals than those who entered decades ago. In order to hire and retain recent graduates, you need to get a firm understanding about what matters to these young professionals. Many of them value flexibility, whether that’s the ability to work from home or perhaps the ability to set their work schedules. Others want to be able to be involved in different kinds of projects, thus preventing them from getting pigeon holed. When you know what your young talent is after, you can make sure to create a working environment that caters to these desires, thus making your business highly appealing.

What does your business do to appeal to (and retain) young employees? 

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