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Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Career Site

Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Career SiteUpdating your career site is one of the most important things you can do in order to ensure you are attracting a diverse and fresh talent base.  With the many changes and advances in technology, combined with the way job seekers are searching for opportunities, you will want to make sure you have invested in a mobile career site

More job seekers are using mobile devices

According to ERE, a candidate pool of 15 – 30 percent now uses smart phones and mobile devices in order to access the internet.  With the increase in mobile device popularity, this statistic is sure to grow in the next several years.

If you own a smart phone or a tablet, you understand how much simpler it is to quickly access information online via your mobile device versus a laptop or desktop computer.  For this reason, many people will see job postings while they are browsing the internet on their mobile device.  It is important to make sure your career opportunities are accessible on these mobile devices.

New college graduates are attracted to mobile friendly applications

Attracting new college graduates can be a challenge.  However, this challenge can be simplified by ensuring that your career site is mobile friendly and accessible via social media sites.  Most college grads are technically savvy and have downloaded social media applications on their phones and tablets to make life easier.

By making sure that your career site is viewable on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you are increasing your targeted advertising to new college graduates.

A diverse candidate pool is using mobile devices

ERE states that high percentages of Latinos, and African-Americans are accessing internet more often on their smart phones or mobile devices.  This information leads us to believe that by establishing a mobile career site, you will also increase the amount of diverse applicants to your positions.  By doing this, you encourage and create a diverse work culture.

As pointed out by ERE, “by 2017 mobile phones and tablets will account for 87 percent of all connected devices sales.”  The value in having a mobile career site is in the opportunity to reach more talented candidates and foster a diverse company culture.

Creating a mobile career site is something that should be well thought out and planned, factoring in your entire application process and ensuring that the mobile site communicates with your established databases and systems.  Considering how you can make mobile recruiting and job advertising work for your business is a great place to start.

What are some benefits you see in establishing a mobile career site?  Share your input in the comments below.

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