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The Pros and Cons of Modern Hiring

The Pros and Cons of Modern Hiring

The hiring process in 2015 looks decidedly different than it did 20 or even 10 years ago. Hiring managers and recruiters must adapt to these changes in order to continue to bring in top tier talent. If you’re in a position where you’re focused on talent acquisition, here’s what you need to know about the perks and pitfalls of hiring in this era:

The pros

Geography doesn’t matter anymore

With tools like video interviewing technology, you’re no longer limited to candidates who live in the geographic area immediately surrounding your company. You can schedule a video interview and have the opportunity to have a conversation with people from all over the country. This ensures that you’re getting the most qualified candidate as you fill an open spot, not simply the most convenient one.

You’re able to reach a broader group

Social media allows you to broadcast job openings to a wide range of people. You’re no longer limited to running ads in newspapers and hoping that the right person reads it. You have a global reach, often with little to no cost associated with posting the opportunity.

Careers are more fluid

Candidates often come to you with a range of skills. They’ve no longer only held one job throughout the duration of their career. This means they can easily transition into a different kind of role, or contribute to a variety of different departments within your organization. In fact, many employees like having a diverse range of experiences at work, and welcome this kind of job.

The cons

Candidates are more cynical

Job seekers are more familiar with recruiter-speak, and know what terms like “We’ll keep your resume on file” mean. They’re used to applying for many jobs and not hearing back, or perhaps they’ve been in an office environment where they were unhappy. Because of this, you’ll need to prove why your company is different, or why your strategy as a recruiter is unique.

People are more likely to bounce from job to job

It’s becoming increasingly common to see employees stay at a company for two years or so before moving on to the next opportunity. The days of ten and twenty-year veterans are few and far between. Frequent turnover damages a company in the long run, and makes it hard to boost camaraderie within the office.

People are more mobile, and there are more opportunities available

Because people are getting recruited from all over the country and are more willing to relocate, it makes it harder for your business to stand out. Talented individuals are being recruited from various businesses, so you’ll need to make an even bigger impression in order to make an impact.

While recruiting and hiring have certainly changed over the past few decades, technology has made it easier than ever to reach qualified candidates who can help you grow your business.

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