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The Surprising Value that a Job Hopper Can Add to Your Business

The Surprising Value that a Job Hopper Can Add to Your Business

Over time, the term “job hopper” has taken on a negative connotation. It’s become synonymous with someone who moves from job to job every few months, not really taking the time to get invested in any one company. Some believe they may be lazy or simply disinterested in their field. Either way, extending an offer to a job hopper generally isn’t seen as a good thing. However, hiring managers should know that there actually are some major perks to hiring a job hopper. They include:

They often perform well: When a person moves from company to company, it means they’re able to get a lot of different job offers. This is usually because they’re a top performer in their field. Those who do mediocre work are typically unable to get many different offers, which can sometimes contribute to the reason why they stay in one place for so long. Don’t automatically assume that a person is job hopping because they aren’t doing well in their current role.

They know what your competitors are doing: Particularly in a smaller city, it’s likely that a job hopper has worked for at least one of your competitors. They may even have some knowledge that’s valuable as you strategize about the future of your company.

They can change and shift easily: After working in many different environments, job hoppers become adaptable. They can easily mold themselves to fit the culture found within an office. Perhaps they were in a very laid back office for one year, then spent the next year in an extremely buttoned-up situation. This adaptability is a great trait for any employee to have.

They know what they’re looking for: They’ve spent time in lots of different places, so they know what they like and what they don’t when it comes to their office environment. This means that if they come on board, it’s probably because they’re genuinely excited about the opportunity.

Another benefit to job hoppers? They tend to have a lot of contacts within the industry. This can prove useful to you, particularly if you’re hiring for a sales position. Before you automatically discount a job hopper as flakey or unfocused, take some time to consider the positive traits that they may bring to your organization.

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