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4 Reasons Why You’re Losing Top Talent

(Hint: It’s not just the money)

Recruiting top talent is always a challenge (as is maintaining top talent, but that’s a discussion for another day). It’s like the high school prom all over again. Everyone is asking the most popular girl to the dance, and there’s a lot of hairspray and someone’s spiked the punch bowl… Anyway, the most disappointing scenario is when you bring a great candidate in for an interview, offer him/her the job, and you get a rejection. What went wrong? Was it something you said? It was probably something you didn’t say. Here are 4 reasons why you’re losing top talent—and money isn’t one of them.

#4. You don’t talk about the industry

Talented candidates are likely going on many different interviews with many different recruiting companies in your industry. If they’re smart, they are doing quite a bit of homework for every one of those interviews. The upshot is that top talent will know about the latest industry buzz, and they will want to talk about it. Talking about industry news not only gives top talent the chance to show off their knowledge (who doesn’t love that?), but also shows that you are cognizant of competition and of industry trends. Be sure to talk about the competition and news in a way that shows how your company is competing well and making headlines.

#3. You don’t talk about your brand

Recruiting top talent means selling your company as a whole to a candidate. This is a great time for your company brand to work in your favor. Pepper your conversation with catchphrases and talking points of your company brand, and feel free to give your candidates pamphlets or other materials that will help them understand what your company is all about. Talking about your company brand can also help your company stand out from the many companies top talent will be visiting.

#2. You don’t talk about security

Some top talent will plan to stay with a company for a few years, and then transfer up the food chain. However, in today’s economy, everyone is looking for a little bit of security. Talk about how your company can provide that to the candidates. Whether it’s your company’s longevity, your last quarter’s earnings, or your brilliant new idea to make everyone rich; show your candidate that your company will take good care of them. This can also be accomplished with a healthy salary, benefits packages, or other company perks (of course, we had to talk just for a second about money!).

During the recruiting process, also be sure to bring up any exciting new business, which shows growth and confidence in your company.

#1. You don’t listen

Hit the above talking points, and then ask the candidates what they are looking for. Ask them about their great ideas. Ask them about their career goals. Everyone loves talking about themselves, and it will be a useful exercise for both of you; throughout the recruiting process. Not every top candidate is a perfect fit for your company.

Have you ever been rejected by your top pick after offering them employment? Tell us what you would have done differently, if anything.

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