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4 Ways to Boost Your Hiring Pipeline

4 Ways to Boost Your Hiring Pipeline

Recruitment professionals have a tough job. Finding the right people with the right skill sets is a problem for many organizations. In fact, talent risk is currently in first place on the emerging risk list, as it is increasingly difficult for recruiters to find qualified individuals for technology-specific roles. With the level of skill required not matching the talent pool’s skill set, it’s difficult for companies to avoid becoming stagnant in an ever-evolving market. The shift toward using new recruiting techniques is imperative for companies to acquire experienced employees within their hiring pipeline and meet future business demands.

There are a multitude of recruiting strategies a company can use to improve its hiring pipeline. Savvy companies can introduce technology-based recruiting strategies, establish a strong employer brand, improve marketing strategies, and create a communication strategy to attract the top candidates.  

Use Technology-Based Recruiting Strategies

Technology-based initiatives are gaining popularity with employers for their efficiency and ability to refine search efforts. HR and recruiting technologies, such as human capital management systems, like this example, reduce time to hire and provide end-to-end recruiting, which streamlines employee on-boarding. Human capital management systems can identify candidates who possess needed competencies. Some recruiting software solutions even use artificial intelligence to review resumes and help identify individuals that align with a company’s culture, required skill sets, and mission.

Social media can be a less complex way to reach targeted talent and provide short-term and timely, results. About 92% of recruiters use social media, according to a study conducted by The Recruiter Network, which allows them to reach a broader demographic of prospective employees. Company-specific platforms can be developed to allow for open communication, easier connection with applicants to further streamline talent, and engagement throughout the hiring process, all of which contribute to better retention.

Establish an Employer Brand

Building a strong hiring pipeline goes beyond just using the proper technology and HR systems. Establishing a positive, transparent, and inclusive employer brand is key to differentiating a company among its competitors to prospective employees in the market. Branding starts with creating an authentic mission statement that resonates with target demographics and can contribute to a more relevant pipeline. It’s important for companies to harness a strong culture well, culture being the main building block of establishing a strong employer brand.

Business owners should consider employee feedback when constructing an employer brand; 84% of individuals within the job market trust peer-to-peer recommendations more than other promotional marketing efforts. Current employees are a major resource for shaping and molding a strong brand image, and their positive feedback helps management know what processes are working and what ones aren’t. Feedback also allows companies to identify recurring pain points and address, strategize, and improve internal processes to avoid dissuading prospective applicants. Companies can use recruiting platforms to facilitate open communication with employees and candidates. This keeps the interest of applicants throughout the hiring process and also gives employees an open platform to voice their feedback. It also creates an efficient platform for employers to find consolidated data and information in relation to their branding efforts.

Improve Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Once a company creates a well-established brand, they should review their marketing strategies to ensure they portray a level of consistency and tactful uniformity. Companies should conduct branding updates routinely. Research conducted by SkillsLab reports that 9 out of 10 candidates are more likely to apply to a company brand that is actively maintained. Building brand recognition should be at the top of the priority list, and social media is a great place to start. Being in the digital age, online marketing strategies are lucrative for expanding the brand to reach relevant talent.

According to data collected by Talentnow, only 45% of employers have been known to address online reviews that influence their company’s reputation on social platforms. These comments can be from former or current employees and are oftentimes used as a reference by prospective applicants. Companies should pay attention to these conversations; 70% of people check recruiting social sites for comments related to a company’s reputation before applying, playing a huge role in their decision to join a company. If a company has low ratings, they are more likely to abandon the application process before even entering the hiring pipeline. Companies should monitor this feedback as a part of their marketing strategy in order to adjust their culture and processes to better align with employee standards.

Create a Communication Strategy

When a talent pool is comprised of top candidates, a company creates a communication strategy. This strategy is comprised of personalized, professional, and concise outreach messaging and initiates timelines to connect with prospects. These communication strategies aid in overall retention of highly qualified candidates, and establishes a standard for post-application processes.

Today’s job market is talent-driven, which puts the power in the talent’s hands. Companies who design and implement a recruiting process that adapts to this ideology may see better results, especially a process that is convenient for candidates. Personalized messages, preferably shared through easily manageable digital platforms (e.g. email), make prospective employees feel like they are viable assets, and reflects the company’s interest and intention to proceed with the hiring process. Candidates remain informed and up-to-date, and routine follow-ups keep the company at the front of the candidate’s mind. The content within the outreach messaging establishes a level of transparency as well, which gives prospects the ability to make informed, timely decisions and reduce time-to-hire.

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