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3 Benefits of Placing Overqualified Candidates Staffing Pros Need to Know

3 Benefits of Placing Overqualified Candidates Staffing Pros Need to Know

Finding a candidate with the right experience can make you feel like you’re Goldilocks — they either have too much or too little and the search is exhausting. But let’s face it, in today’s job market, candidates are more likely to exceed the qualifications for the job. 

In fact, 70.7 percent of respondents in our recent report agreed the number of overqualified candidates in today’s job market complicates filling entry-level roles. While overqualified candidates seem risky and present their own challenges, filling roles with members of this experienced talent pool has its benefits. 

After all, the majority (87 percent) of respondents said they would hire overqualified candidates. Still, many staffing pros are reluctant to send these seemingly risky job seekers to their clients due to a number of potential client objections. Ease your client’s worries by highlighting these benefits overqualified candidates can bring to their organization:

More value

Client objection: Overqualified candidates may want a higher salary to start.

Benefit: More experience means these professionals get up to speed quickly. In our survey, 41.9 percent of respondents said overqualified talent quickly trains and learn their new positions. That means they will start making money for the business sooner with less dependence, oversight, and resources. Although they may want a higher salary to start, paying an overqualified candidate slightly more could, ultimately, save the business money. 

How you should approach this objection: Explain the value of overqualified candidates to your clients. Then, to nab the right candidate, work with the client to create a fair and attractive offer that aligns with their experience and the potential value they can bring to your client’s team. 


More knowledge

Client objection: Overqualified candidates are more experienced than other employees in the same role, and will potentially look down on greener team members or bring down morale.

Benefit: Having a more experienced member on the team only benefits the organization. They can serve as mentors to their co-workers, improving overall performance. After all, 41.5 percent of survey respondents said candidates with extra experience are qualified to teach other employees new skills. They can bring in the knowledge they’ve gained from their advanced experience and pass on valuable lessons to your client’s current employees. 

How you should approach this objection: When presenting an overqualified candidate to a client, show them the skills they could bring to the company. Explain why it makes sense to offer the candidate a more senior role on the team. The candidate and client both benefit — the potential employee will bring value to the organization by mentoring and leading more green employees while feeling recognized for their experience.

More potential

Client objection: Candidates who are beyond the experience level of the job are more likely to get bored and leave the company sooner.

Benefit: Although your clients may think overqualified employees will be demotivated, our report found the opposite. Among respondents who have identified current employees who are overqualified for their roles, 44 percent said they are equally as engaged and happy as other employees — and 27 percent stated they’re actually more engaged. Not only that, 52 percent reported overqualified employees provide valuable skills that expand the role beyond the job description. These employees go above and beyond, contributing far more to the organization.  

How you should approach this objection: When candidates are a good fit for the company but are overqualified for the role, 30.8 percent of our survey respondents said they would hire them with a clear direction on expanding the role to meet their qualifications. Simply explain to clients candidates will be motivated to work hard if given opportunities for advancement and the space for growth and back up your statements with hard data and candidate feedback.


Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.