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How CSI Healthcare IT Cut High-Quality Placement Time in Half with Spark Hire

Customer Spotlight – How CSI Healthcare IT Cut High-Quality Placement Time in Half with Spark Hire

Here at Spark Hire, we consistently strive to better serve our customers to improve speed to hire and quality of hire around the world with the most innovative hiring solution – video interviewing software. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Holly Brown, Vice President of CSI Healthcare IT, to learn more about how her staffing team uses Spark Hire’s video interview software to increase the speed and quality of placements in the healthcare industry.

In the healthcare industry, finding high-quality talent quickly is crucial. That’s where CSI Healthcare IT comes in. For nearly 30 years, the company has been a trusted staffing solution for healthcare clients and candidates, earning multiple acknowledgments for their care and attention to professionals in the industry.

To build on its reputation as a superior healthcare staffing agency, CSI Healthcare IT sought a talent screening solution that could speed up candidate selection while ensuring high-quality placements. That’s where Spark Hire came in.

Spark Hire’s one-way interviews provide a way to connect with qualified candidates immediately after reviewing resumes and get an accurate read on fit for clients. The speed of one-way video interviews adds convenience for clients, many taking less than 5 minutes to review. 

Clients love having access to one-way video interview links to screen themselves when they receive candidate recommendations from the team at CSI Healthcare IT.

“Utilizing Spark Hire in their one-way interviews allows us to do a lot of prescreening while also sending one-way interview links to our clients directly. It’s given us a lot of detail to provide to clients in addition to their resumes, something that they have really loved.”

The results speak for themselves. Since using Spark Hire, the speed of candidate selection has increased, with offers being received in one to three business days compared to the previous five to seven. Overall, Spark Hire’s solution has been a game-changer for CSI Healthcare IT, allowing them to make strong recommendations for new hires at record speeds.

“If you’re thinking about using Spark Hire, then do it. It’s going to help your business. It’s going to help your clients. It’s going to help you.”


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