HR Challenges During The Summer (And What To Do About Them)

As an organization and as HR professionals, how do we deal with the summertime and the HR challenges that come with the season? It brings back great memories and it is a great time to celebrate. However, from an HR perspective, as well as an organizational perspective, it can be quite challenging to face. Here are […]

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Skills That Recruiters Need To Master

The Recruiting Reel Episode 17: Skills That Recruiters Need To Master

Kathleen Steffey from @navigaservices weighs in on skills #recruiters need to master Click To Tweet In the 17th episode of The Recruiting Reel, Kathleen Steffey, Founder and Chief Talent Officer at Naviga Recruiting and Executive Search, provides insight on the skills that recruiters need to master to be successful in today’s market. Here’s the transcript: Josh […]

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How To Avoid A Slow Hiring Process

The Recruiting Reel Episode 16: How To Avoid A Slow Hiring Process

Samantha Lambert from @BFMweb w/tips on how to speed up your #hiring Click To Tweet In the 16th episode of The Recruiting Reel, Samantha Lambert, Director of Human Resources at Blue Fountain Media, provides actionable tips for what to do when you have a slow hiring process. Here’s the transcript: Josh Tolan: Hey everyone, my name […]

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4 Ways to Show Job Seekers Your Company is a Firecracker

Fireworks are arguably one of the most exciting spectacles of summer. People with varying backgrounds from all over drive for miles, sometimes hours, just to see the bright, bursting flashes in the sky. Job seekers are looking for the same thing in employers. The kind who deserve a good ol’ fashioned “oh” and “ah” when […]

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NewVector IT Staffing Podcast with Josh Tolan

Spark Hire CEO Josh Tolan on NewVector IT Staffing Podcast

In this episode of the NewVector IT Staffing Podcast, Maurice Fuller interviews Spark Hire CEO, Josh Tolan, about how staffing firms are leveraging video interviews in their recruitment process. Maurice is the Founder and President of NewVector Group which offers training and professional development services for IT and engineering staffing firms. Learn more about NewVector […]

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