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Creating Harmony in Hiring with a Variety of Processes - The Speed to Hire Show Season 1 Wrap-up

Creating Harmony with a Variety of Processes


Hiring can be a tricky endeavor, especially when there are multiple hiring managers and committees to deal with. With different expectations, timelines, and candidate pipelines, it can feel like an insurmountable task for HR and TA leaders. But there are ways to bring harmony to the process that will make your job much easier.

In Season 1 of The Speed to Hire Show, we talked with talent acquisition experts about some of the challenges they encounter when bringing different team members or departments together in the hiring process. From global hiring teams to specialized roles and more, we learned there are 3 basic elements every hiring team needs to collaborate and effectively contribute to hiring goals.

Here’s a peek at what the experts recommend to get everyone aligned no matter how complex or diverse your organization’s hiring needs or strategy:


The first step is creating alignment. You need to ensure that everyone on the hiring team for a particular role is on the same page before you begin the process. This includes making sure everyone has a shared understanding of what success looks like concerning filling the position.

Quick Tips

  1. Define key criteria for evaluating applicants. This will create consistency across the board and enable managers to objectively evaluate each applicant’s skillset and experience against the same criteria.
  2. Create a standard process and timeline. Having a defined timeline for recruiting and assessing candidates will help ensure that all applicants receive fair treatment throughout the process, as well as keep everyone on track for achieving goals.
  3. Foster communication between hiring managers and recruiters to ensure they are on the same page regarding desired skills, qualifications, and experience.

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Once alignment has been established, accountability comes into play. Each person and step of the process should have clearly defined expectations. These expectations should be communicated to everyone involved and tracked so progress can be monitored throughout the process. 

Quick Tips

  1. Establish clear goals and expectations for the hiring process from the outset. Define key metrics that will be used to measure success throughout the process and identify areas where additional resources may be required.
  2. Engage stakeholders at all levels of the organization in decision-making related to the hiring process by including them in recruiting events or providing regular updates on progress. This helps ensure that everyone is aware of their role and responsibilities.
  3. Utilize technology to streamline processes wherever possible to reduce scheduling conflicts, track applicants, and share feedback on interviews.

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Finally, autonomy must be granted for the process to run smoothly without constant oversight from HR or TA leaders. Hiring managers should have all of the tools they need at their disposal for them to work independently without needing nudging from above. 

Quick Tips

  1. Make sure that hiring managers are properly trained and informed about how to conduct fair and equitable interviews.
  2. Develop a structured interview process and regularly review the recruitment process to ensure it is fair and equitable for all candidates to help reduce bias.
  3. Allow for flexibility in the interview process to accommodate the needs of potential candidates who are interested in pursuing the position.

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Explore the full Season 1 episode to learn ways to structure this seemingly chaotic process and gain valuable insight on how best to achieve alignment, accountability, and autonomy within your organization’s hiring practices.

Video Transcript

What’s the culprit of the struggles you faced today with hiring? Now many of you would answer with something like I have a lot of jobs. I have a lot of candidates. I have too a few candidates.

I have a lot of hiring managers, and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. 

But if you take a step back, the big challenge that most HR and Talent Acquisition leaders face is that they’re supporting a variety of hiring processes at any given time. 

So think about it. For every role, you have a different hiring committee, your manager, different levels of expertise on that hiring committee, different expectations for how the process should run, and timelines for when the position needs to be filled, and, of course, different candidate pipelines.

So with these things in mind, there are really three things that you need to bring to the hiring process in order to create harmony. And for simplicity’s sake, they all start with the letter A. 


You need to get alignment with everyone involved in the hiring process as early as possible before you even start creating for the role.

You need to create accountability by defining clear expectations for everything that needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done by, and you need to empower hiring managers to work autonomously so you don’t need to nudge them along the journey. 

Now these are the three things that you need to do, but as far as how you go about doing them… I’ve compiled some video clips from some hiring experts who joined Season 1 of The Speed to Hire Show. I will drop the leaks below.


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