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Empowering Hiring Managers as an Extension of Talent Acquisition - The Speed to Hire Show Season 1 Wrap Up

Empowering Hiring Managers as an Extension of Talent Acquisition


In today’s competitive job market, hiring managers play a crucial role in the talent acquisition process. They are not just needed for their bandwidth but also for ensuring the overall success of the hiring process. 

As organizations strive for lean and efficient operations, HR and talent acquisition leaders must collaborate with hiring managers to avoid bottlenecks and maintain a fast and effective hiring process.

In Season 1 of The Speed to Hire Show, we explored the reasons why hiring managers should be activated as an extension of the talent acquisition team. Here are some of the amazing strategies we learned from HR and recruiting experts to help achieve this alignment:

Capacity and Efficiency

The involvement of hiring managers in the recruitment process is essential to overcome resource limitations and ensure the hiring process runs smoothly. By leveraging their expertise and networks, hiring managers help identify the right candidates, conduct interviews, and assess candidates’ skills and potential fit within the organization. This collaboration helps alleviate the burden on HR and talent acquisition teams, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring a consistent and efficient hiring process.

▶️ Make time to save time by building a more efficient process

Ownership and Accountability

When hiring managers actively participate in the talent acquisition process, they take ownership and accountability for the success of their teams. By involving them from the beginning, HR and talent acquisition leaders empower hiring managers to have a say in the selection process and, ultimately, hire the best candidates. This sense of ownership fosters a stronger commitment to the team’s success and a more proactive approach to hiring.

▶️ Get buy-in from hiring managers earlier in the hiring process

Collaboration and Alignment

To achieve successful hiring outcomes, HR and talent acquisition leaders must work collaboratively with hiring managers. This requires open communication, regular feedback, and a clear understanding of each key player’s roles and responsibilities. By aligning objectives and strategies, HR and talent acquisition teams can build strong partnerships with hiring managers, leading to improved hiring decisions and long-term success.

▶️ Create a structured hiring process to improve speed to hire

Strategies for Engaging Hiring Managers

1. Education and Training: Provide hiring managers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the recruitment process. Conduct training sessions on interviewing techniques, candidate evaluation, and hiring best practices. This ensures that hiring managers feel confident and equipped to contribute meaningfully.

▶️ Establish a cohesive process to streamline global hiring

2. Regular Communication: Establish clear lines of communication with hiring managers. Schedule regular meetings to discuss upcoming hiring needs, share updates on candidate pipelines, and address concerns or challenges as they arise. Encourage hiring managers to provide feedback on the quality of candidates and the effectiveness of the recruitment process and their tools.

▶️ Build strong connections with hiring managers to improve collaboration

3. Collaboration Tools and Technology: Implement collaborative tools and technology platforms that streamline the hiring process and facilitate seamless communication between HR, talent acquisition, and hiring managers. These tools can help track candidate progress, share interview feedback, and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the recruitment process.

▶️ Collaborate closely with hiring managers to improve speed to hire

4. Recognition and Appreciation: Recognize and appreciate the efforts of hiring managers who actively contribute to the talent acquisition process. Celebrate successful hires and acknowledge the impact of their involvement. This recognition will reinforce their commitment and motivate them to continue being valuable partners in the recruitment process.

▶️ Build trust with hiring managers to improve processes

Video Transcript

JOSH TOLAN: We’ve wrapped season one of the speed to hire show podcast with fifteen episodes from some amazing hiring leaders. So I wanted to create a few videos with takeaways from the first season of the podcast. And the first takeaway is that hiring managers need to be an extension of your talent acquisition team. Especially in today’s market, this has become table stakes and will continue to be the standard moving forward.

As all organizations are making a big push to become more lean and more efficient to cross all disciplines, talent acquisition is no exception. And because of this, HR and talent acquisition leaders need their hiring manager’s capacity to avoid bottlenecks and ensure the hiring process continues to run smoothly. But you don’t only need hiring managers for their bandwidth. You also need them for a successful outcome in the hiring process.

And so as an HR or talent acquisition leader, one of your top priorities should be getting your hiring manager’s commitments to work with you, not for you and certainly not against you. Now, this isn’t easy. So thankfully, we had some awesome experts on the podcast talk about this very topic. I’ll drop some links.


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Josh Tolan

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