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10 Companies that Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

While working on this project, I realized all companies take different (very different) approaches to their company culture video. Some prefer to have the videos feel more like employment promotions, where they are encouraging people to apply and straight up telling them why by including things like insurance and dental information or vacation policy.

Others use the company culture video as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole; mentioning features and benefits for customers. Many use voice-overs and even more use testimonials from employees and CEOs. But what makes a kick@$$ company culture video? Is there some secret formula to writing, producing, and promoting your company culture video?

The perfect company culture video will vary, depending on many things. Things like the industry, company values, industry values, and budget. Pouring boatloads of cash into a company culture video may be a great idea for one company, and for others, filming a quick, 30 second video on an iPhone is perfectly acceptable.

So since there is no magical way to create the perfect company culture video (and since we’re pretty serious about videos here at Spark Hire), I feel that these 10 company culture videos are great, for each particular company, for their own reasons. I will be evaluating each video, keeping in mind 3 important questions:

  • What does the video look like?
  • What is said?
  • Why does it work?

All of these videos are done very differently, and it’s important to know why. Because no company culture is the same as the next. One thing’s for sure; these companies know the importance of putting your company culture on display.

Apples and oranges.

We all know Apple is super successful with creating products that people want and need. This American multinational corporation is headquartered in Cupertino, California and has made some big moves in the tech industry is the last forty years. Just take a look at an Apple store on the day of a new product release, or better yet, take a look at an Apple store 2 days before a product release. People wait, stand in mile-long lines, camp out, and anticipate new products, and feel perfectly fine taking time out of their day to get them.

The reason why this video works? Apple is sexy. Apple is everything you want to be. And working there? Well, if you’re the best at what you do, you can work there and make awesome products too. With the ability to work in small teams, and big projects, potential employees looking to make the best products in the tech space need to be the best, or have the potential to be the best.

STARted from the bottom, now you’re making the big BUCKS.

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in the world. With roots in Seattle, WA since 1971, this coffeehouse chain now has a full line of merchandise, rewards programs, and a pretty solid following of coffee lovers. This Starbucks video is different than many other company culture videos because it clearly displays the opportunity to grow, with real-life examples. Specifically, this video follows the growth of its interns.

It’s special because it gives the viewer a look at how a start to finish employment process works. In this video, the employees are not only growing with the company, but rather growing as individuals. As people who are valued in the world.

One for one.

TOMS is a for-profit footwear and eyewear company that designs shoes for your feet, and soul. With every sale, TOMS provides shoes to impoverished children, and puts some of their profits toward restoring eyesight for people in developing countries. Buying shoes has never felt so good! With such an inspirational mission, there’s no wonder their customer service team is just as inspiring and involved in their community.

This video specifically highlights TOMS customer service team. I consider this a successful company culture video because this is the kind of work space where personalities are showcased, which is super appealing for potential employees.

They have a panda mascot. Enough said.

BambooHR has a solid understanding of making videos that are funny, yet informing. In this particular video, they mix personal statements and testimonials about the company with fun animations and a look at how life beyond the BambooHR desk looks. They hone in on work life vs. personal life and how they strive to create a happy medium between the two.

This company culture video is successful because it is intriguing to those looking to start a career with a start-up atmosphere (without the start-up stress). Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping work at work are becoming huge selling factors for job seekers. BambooHR does a great job at showing how their employees do just that.

Don’t F the customer.

Atlassian, the maker of HipChat, was previously mentioned in another Spark Hire blog post about apps for recruiters. Their @HipChat app made it on that list and their company culture video is making it on this list. Atlassian is a software company that builds excellent tools that help all sorts of teams in different industries reach their goals.

Atlassian’s company culture video works because they straight-up highlight their 5 core values:

  • Open company, no BS
  • Build with heart and balance
  • Don’t f*** the customer
  • Play as a team
  • Be the change you seek

The way they present honesty in this video makes the company upfront and personable for both customers and potential employees. At Atlassian, even the verbiage being used to explain their core values targets a particular audience. To some, the swearing is appealing, as it showcases a “tell it how it is” attitude. Some may shy away from this idea, and it is even mentioned in the video that those who come from traditional, corporate style working environments are actually shocked by such a different culture. In the end, this video shows how working at Atlassian is casual and comfortable for all employees, no matter their background. These 5 core values help their team members develop innovative products while feeling as if they are a part of a family, rather than a huge corporation.

For the love of marketing.

HubSpot is a software for inbound marketing that lets you customize your entire online presence. This is a good example of a product-infused company video that points out features, benefits, and shows how they are different from the competition.

With a no door policy, unlimited vacation, free food (and beer), games, and flexible work hours, work life at this start-up seems pretty pleasant. The employees at Hubspot are considered experts and work for a purpose, rather than a paycheck. Don’t worry, they get paid too. They actually have a 128 page slideshow of what the company culture looks like at HubSpot directly on their site.

We love beer.

Whether you prefer a creamy, dark, oatmeal stout or a crisp and refreshing pale ale, Founder’s Brewing of Grand Rapids, MI has put together a company video that is sure to satisfy all beer drinkers. This video is a heartwarming video of how starting a business is a major struggle, and you really need to be motivated and passionate in order for your dreams to come true.

This video is a good look into the culture of Founder’s because it turns the story into how it relates to its customers and employees. The brewmasters shown in this video are proud of what they do and are inspired everyday to do their best to make the best beer possible.

This is Zendesk.

Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software in the market. They provide a way for companies to better handle support tickets and improve overall customer satisfaction.

In their company culture video, they chose to go the Twitter route, just not as over the top. Similar to the Twitter video, they use humor and slightly mock the traditional company culture video. I think this video works because it shows the viewer where and who Zendesk is, as well as giving a very brief look at what their product looks like.

Intern life at Google.

Similar to the Starbucks video mentioned earlier, Google came out with an intern-focused company video as well. We all know what Google does, so there is no need for an explanation here, but let’s talk about the culture being depicted in this video.

With fantastic, innovative work spaces, this video does a great job at targeting interns and presenting a fun atmosphere to begin a career. It’s like a big amusement park for young professionals to explore, try new things, and succeed with one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

If you enjoy learning about the cultures at different companies, check out The Muse. It’s a great place to get a closer look into company’s culture. With videos and interviews with employees, this up close and personal approach gives the viewer a sense of how they would fit into a company. While these videos aren’t produced by the company itself, you still get a good feel on what the company is all about. They typically interview two employees and give a brief description of what the office looks like.

So, what should every company culture video include?

After watching theses 10 company culture videos, we noticed quite a few similarities. It became clear that every company culture video must…

  • Explain the vision of the company and how it came to be
  • Demonstrate how the vision helps solve problems for customers
  • Show positive work environment and culture
  • Display opportunities for growth (employment focused company videos)
  • Create buzz for both employees and industry

A happy company culture leads to happy employees, which leads to a happy and successful brand. How do you think Spark Hire’s company video fares among the others? Please share with us your favorite company culture videos and why you think they’re so great.


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Sheena Christensen

Sheena Christensen is the Product Marketing Specialist at Spark Hire. She is a fan of everything sports and enjoys writing anything from short stories to internet copy, spanning many verticals in the digital marketing world.


  • Am I really opening myself up to this? I’d love to get feedback on the company culture video I just made for our company, Gordian. I watched a lot of these types of videos and tried to do something with our limited resources (just me) that was different than any other company culture videos I’d seen. It’s here:

    • I really love it! Great effort, it is as good as the ones above – however the only thing I think is missing is that I don’t know what Gordian does and knowing that would help me identify with your message overall.

  • Do you have recommendations for companies that help come up with a script for a company culture video?

    • Absolutely! Here are a few tips we have:

      1 – Come up with the message (mission) you want to get across
      2 – Determine the emotional reaction you want someone to have when watching the video
      3 – Collaborate with multiple team members/departments to hear what they think is important to include
      4 – Outline the script with bullet points and then turn this into a rough draft
      5 – Keep trimming the script until it’s as concise as possible

      Bonus – you can interview employees on camera and use jump cuts between their quotes. This comes off more natural in a company culture video and tends to work well.