What Happens When You Mix Social Recruiting With Video Interviewing?

There’s no denying the firm hold social media has on the HR and recruiting world. As we outlined in our recent infographic, Why HR Should Bet on Tech, social recruiting is an easy bet when it comes to connecting with quality candidates. Here’s a great stat from the infographic: 94 percent of recruiters used or […]

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Forecast For Video Interviewing

2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing [Whitepaper]

Video interviewing is like a successful child star. The budding technology catapulted to fame in no time and captured the hearts of many employers, recruiters, and staffing professionals worldwide. There’s no denying the potential of this hot HR trend as the technology grows more and more robust. However, similar to the uncertainty child actors face […]

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Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of February 18

The Spark Hire Podcast took a breather last week but we are back in action now and with a brand new voice joining us! When it comes to your expectations for a candidate’s attire in a video interview, do you think it’s alright for a candidate to dress a little more casual compared to an […]

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