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Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of February 18

The Spark Hire Podcast took a breather last week but we are back in action now and with a brand new voice joining us! When it comes to your expectations for a candidate’s attire in a video interview, do you think it’s alright for a candidate to dress a little more casual compared to an in-person interview? We here at Spark Hire think your expectations should remain high. Keep in mind that your candidates will also have a few extra things to take into consideration in regards to their video interview attire. One could even argue that the background and lighting of a video interview are included in the attire since they are within the candidate’s control, and thus fair game to critique. As we advise in the podcast, if you are going to nitpick in regards to candidate attire, make sure you are adequately representing your company as well in the video interview.

We also discuss office romance guidelines to maintain corporate culture. Considering the heightened awareness of romance we all experienced last week, it might be a good idea to review your current policies on dating and relationships in the office. As referenced in the article, 38% of workers say they have had at least one office romance. Should you let love go unchecked in the office or should you crack down on these kinds of relationships? Tune into the podcast below to hear our thoughts on this issue.

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Patrick Beggan is the Marketing Strategist for Spark Hire. He enjoys creative writing and gluten-free foods. A St. Louis native, he graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2012 with a BA in Business Administration/Marketing. Go Cardinals!

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