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The Secret to Unlocking Local Job Candidates

This is the part where I give you the goods right from the get-go: Video interviewing is the secret to unlocking your local talent pool. Surprised? Confused? Well, let me explain…

A common misconception I’ve seen time and time again with employers is that they think video interviews are only meant or useful for long-distance candidates. After mulling it over, I’ve come up with some possible explanations. First, perhaps employers are only keeping in mind the offerings of a video chat service like Skype. (Read here to learn how video interviews differ from Skype.) Perhaps it’s the very obvious and memorable benefit of video interviews that comes with not having to fly out a candidate to screen them for a position. Regardless of the reason, employers can benefit from using video interviews to connect with local candidates. Read on as I discuss two scenarios where this especially rings true…

Entice Local Passive Candidates With Video Interviews

Let’s first consider the passive job seeker, described as someone who is employed and not actively looking for a new job, but still open to new opportunities. The existing skills gap has made highly skilled passive job seekers quite desirable. How can you increase your access to qualified passive job seekers in your area code? Video interviews.

Considering their employment status, passive job seekers are difficult to entice with new opportunities; they’re busy professionals that likely have 40-hour work weeks, 8 hours a day. If a passive candidate wanted to hear your pitch or make time for a call, they would have to take time off from work. This reality might cause you to lose a few interested individuals. The beauty of the video interview is the convenience that comes with scheduling. For example, attract local passive candidates with an invitation to a one-way video interview. The candidates can record their video responses to your typed questions anytime, anywhere. Or invite a candidate to a live video interview, where both parties can chat from the comfort of their own home. You’ll certainly improve your chances at meeting highly skilled and highly desired individuals.

Video Interviewing Demo

Screen Local Talent Faster With Video Interviews

The phone interview (averaging 20-30 minutes) is the traditional method for narrowing down your local candidate pool. However, what if you realize the prospect you’re speaking with isn’t qualified in a fraction of the allotted time? Out of common courtesy, you’re likely to remain on the phone a while longer, wasting your time in the process.

Instead of devoting so much time and effort with unqualified individuals in your own backyard, ditch the phone interview and use the one-way video interview to pick up the pace. You can conduct 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to do only 1 phone screen. The most formidable stack of resumes won’t stand a chance. Furthermore, if you pre-screen with one-way video interviews, you will see a candidate’s personality, professionalism, and communication skills early on; use this information to make smarter hiring decisions as far as who you want to move further along in the process.

You might be confident in your traditional hiring methods for nearby applicants, but without video interviews, you’re either not discovering top talent fast enough or you’re not discovering them at all.

Are you satisfied with the way you currently tap into local candidates? Share your process with us below.

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Patrick Beggan

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