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5 Ways to Attract Talent to Your Mobile-Friendly Hiring Process

5 Ways to Attract Talent to Your Mobile-Friendly Hiring Process

Companies that adopt a mobile-friendly hiring process have a solid advantage over their competition. According to recent research by Glassdoor, 58% of job seekers use mobile platforms for their job search, and more than a third prefer to apply right from their phones.

So how can talent acquisition pros capitalize on their mobile-friendly hiring processes to attract more candidates? Here are five tactics to reach potential hires with the ease and convenience of your system:

Direct all traffic to your mobile-friendly career site

While transparency is key to all successful job postings, the way you deliver the details make an impact on your applicant pool. Instead of publishing long, drawn-out job posts on job boards, keep listings short and sweet, focusing on only the most pertinent details — salary, location, benefits, and key perks (like flexible hours or growth opportunities). Then, direct all traffic straight to your well-maintained and easy-to-navigate reactive career site for expanded details. Having a reactive site makes sure your career site looks fantastic and consistent no matter what device they’re on.

Glassdoor reports an 11.5% increase in applicants when a mobile hiring site is promoted. Once job seekers land on your site and realize the ease of your system, they’ll quickly complete the application process so you can move the right candidates down your pipeline.

Let job seekers know what their time investment will be

The process of filling out a job application — even on the most user-friendly site — is time-consuming. And in a tight labor market, there is no pressure on candidates to have patience for extended questioning. 

In fact, a study by Newton Software found applications that take longer than 10 minutes to complete result in 50% fewer candidates. Supporting Newton’s findings, Indeed uncovered the average online application length is 13 minutes and longer applications actually detract the most qualified candidates.

Transparency regarding time investment will help set the stage for a positive experience for your applicants. Provide a progress tracker to guide candidates through the process, and make it easy for them to upload documents, link Google files, and provide URLs as needed. 

Layout a checklist of documents and information they will need prior to starting the application. Be conscious of the information you’re asking them to enter, avoiding requests to type information that will be included in cover letters, CVs, or resumes.

If additional steps are required (like a skills test or a one-way video interview) clearly state the average time it will take candidates to complete those parts of the process. Finally, give an option to save the application in draft mode and return to it at a later time. If a candidate needs to unexpectedly step away, they’re unlikely to return if they realize they’ll have to start from the beginning.

Communicate with job seekers via text

Text applications are relatively new, but companies see huge levels of engagement through systems like Text Apply by TextRecruitGoHire’s Apply By Text and HigherMe’s Text-To-Apply.

By promoting a code on your website, social media platforms, and job opportunity marketing, you provide an instant pathway for candidates to learn more about open positions, role details, or other hiring information. Candidates have proven to actively engage with this method of recruitment, and GoHire reports their clients see a 95% open rate on text communication and over 500% increase in applicants.

Implement mobile screening technology into your process

Ease of application is only one benefit of promoting a mobile-friendly hiring process. Employers also have the opportunity to implement screening steps candidates can complete as part of the application process, right from their mobile device.

Part of the convenience of the tool is the way it streamlines the process. For example, giving candidates the opportunity to submit a one-way video interview helps them accurately present themselves, while giving hiring managers a feel for their skill level, experience, and cultural fit. If they don’t meet the minimum requirements, you save both the candidate and your company valuable time.

Establish an engaging mobile-friendly career presence on social media

Social media recruiting is not a new concept. A report by Everyone Social collected the staggering statistics from across multiple research points, all proving the positive impact of social media recruitment. It’s cemented into hiring strategies as a key component for success.

Create targeted and strategic campaigns for open roles, always focusing on the ease of your mobile-friendly hiring process. Furthermore, ensure your greater social presence is focused on the brand and culture of your organization. Transparency in “who” your company is at its core will help attract the talent that best fits the personality of your team.


Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.