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Best Practices for Recruitment Marketing: A Guide for Business Owners

Americans have quit their jobs in droves over the past year, resulting in what experts are calling “the great resignation.” In light of this trend, top-quality recruiting is more important than ever before. Spark Hire provides business owners with technology to conduct professional video interviews easily when recruiting. However, before you can get to the interview stage, you need to build up a pool of talent to choose from. Read on for some tips.

 Write an engaging job description

ZenBusiness explains that the first step of successful recruiting marketing is writing a great job description. Start by identifying the job title you need to hire and the purpose that position should play in your company. You can then go on to outline the precise responsibilities the individual will have in order to fulfill that purpose. The more detailed you are, the better. Make sure to keep any outstanding job postings up-to-date.

Highlight the perks you offer

When writing a job description, don’t just think about what you want. Also, think about what potential employees want. This is how you will attract the best talent. If your company offers benefits or perks worth mentioning, include them. Examples include healthcare, 401k matching, continuing education, student loan assistance, child care assistance, transportation support, and career development.

Leverage the talent you already have to find more

Take a look at the team you’ve already built. This is a great starting point when it comes to recruiting. Institute an employee referral program to get your team members on board. For example, if an employee refers a candidate to you and they are successfully hired, that employee might get a bonus. Talented people tend to flock together, so if you already have some great workers, their connections can be useful.

Look to your local market for support

Most hiring is done online these days. However, it’s also worth looking to your local market to build your team. Localwise is a platform that focuses specifically on community hiring, connecting you with people in your area. You can also use area resources like newspapers and job boards to recruit people. If there are colleges in your area, they may also have recruitment events. These are cost-effective ways of searching the market.

Use social media to advertise

When it comes to online recruiting, social media is a great starting point. People who follow you online likely already identify with your brand values and champion your products or services. Maybe they want to work with you! Workable provides tips for using social media to advertise job listings. Possibilities range from the LinkedIn job posting template to the “We are hiring” Facebook template.

Create a hiring matrix

Once you’ve posted your job across various platforms, the applications should start rolling in. To sort through them efficiently, develop a hiring matrix. This is like a written scorecard you use to quickly assess applicants and determine whether they’ll move on to the next round or not. It can help you make smarter hiring decisions by ensuring you stick to clear criteria, as outlined in your original job posting.

Establish a clear interview process

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates to the top two to four, you can invite them for interviews. Follow best practices for conducting interviews, like preparing a script beforehand. You may also want to have your hiring matrix with you for each round. If you aren’t meeting candidates in person, opt for video interviews. They’re more engaging than a telephone interview.

Your team is a cornerstone of your business success. You want to build a great one. With the above marketing recruiting tips, you can find the top talent you want.

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