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How to Balance Hiring for Cultural Fit and Functionality

How to Balance Hiring for Cultural Fit and Functionality

Hiring managers today understand that cultural fit is a major point to consider when bringing a new employee on board. If the new team member doesn’t see eye-to-eye with co-workers and clashes with management, it’s unlikely that they’ll stick around for long. But while you’ll want to consider how they would blend in with the rest of your staff, you also must ensure that they have the skills necessary to do the assigned tasks properly. It’s a delicate balance, and it can make hiring difficult. Here’s how to ensure that the new hire you’re thinking of bringing on board strikes that balance:

Know what matters to your brand

When you know what matters to your company, it makes hiring much easier and you’re more clear on what type of person you’re looking to add to your team. You should know what kinds of skills an employee should have, and should also know what types of people do well within your organization. Should they be good at collaborating on projects or prefer to work alone? Does your office generally do well with creative types or do you typically support those who tend to play by the rules? Taking inventory and figuring these points out in advance ensures future hiring success.

Figure out what’s negotiable

No candidate is perfect. For successful hiring, figure out which traits and skills are essentials, and which ones would be nice to have. If you spend your time looking for a person who has absolutely everything, you’ll never fill an open role. But when you’re searching for someone who possesses most of what you’re looking for, hiring goes much more smoothly.

Use your employees as a resource

Many managers forget that their employees are often their most valuable resource. Don’t be afraid to ask current team members for feedback. Who do they enjoy working alongside? What kinds of people do they think do well in your organization? Who do they think would help your business grow in the future? Your staff members can offer valuable insight, and will also appreciate knowing that their thoughts are taken into consideration as you hire in the future.

Look at the candidate as a whole

It’s easy to focus just on how someone interviewed or to zero in solely on what their resume looks like. Instead, make it a point to consider all aspects of a candidate, including past experience, skills, and personality. Taking a more three-dimensional approach to analyzing whether a candidate would be a good fit ensures more effective hiring.

How do you balance hiring for both cultural fit and functionality? Share with us in the comments.

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