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How To Use Recruiting Tactics to Hire The Best Candidates

The hiring process is a big deal. Sorting through applications, setting up interviews, and undergoing the interview process all to hopefully find the perfect candidate is time-consuming, yet essential to keep your company moving forward. How do you engage top candidates and avoid not-so-great ones? A 2016 Connexys survey found 74 percent of HR decision makers said the scarcity of talent is only increasing.

So how do you keep up? Through top-notch recruitment tactics. Hear what experts in the field had to say about the best tools to recruit the brightest talent and ensure you don’t waste valuable time and resources on another failed hire:

1. Set New Hires Up for Success

The number one tool we recommend our clients implement in order to make the hiring process worthwhile is an onboarding strategy — implementing a pre-hire program, being consistent, establishing a mentoring program and defining success sets up new hires for success. The best tools we use to ensure a successful onboarding program include starting the onboarding process before their first day, establishing a formal mentoring program and defining success.

Typical recruiting firms will evaluate candidates solely on their skills and experience. However, at Peak Sales Recruiting, we take it to the next level through psychometric assessments. We know using these evaluation tools gives us that extra edge to ensure that the hiring process is successful. These tests allow our recruiters to gain a better understanding of how a candidate will act in the workplace and also what motivates them to do what they do. And as a result, our company has found that the results of these tests always beats the resume.


Taylor Dumouchel

Taylor Dumouchel, Marketing Specialist, Peak Sales Recruiting

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a key tool for everyone in the job hunting game, from job seekers to recruiters. Different outlets provide different windows into a company’s culture, day-to-day life, and other behind-the-scenes looks.

Key tools relate to candidate attraction, as it is finding the right people and convincing them to apply. Snapchat is a new tool for recruitment, as it can give a real insight into what a company is like to work for. Managing the company image on sites such as Glassdoor are also adding value to the recruitment process.


Karla Jobling

Karla Jobling, COO and founder, BeecherMadden

3. Go Electronic

Our office recently implemented an electronic onboarding process where the bulk of the new employee’s information (address, salary information, job-specific details, etc.) is entered prior to their start date. This greatly reduces the time spent during their first day, so everyone has more time to do more valuable items such as on the job training, etc.

The onboarding system we use also provides the hiring manager — and anyone else in the office — information on completed tasks, such as payroll, the coordination of company vehicles, credit cards, office supplies, etc. Access to this information is helpful because many of these processes are ready to go on day one, rather than much later after they start working. The system is secure, user-friendly, and makes the onboarding process much more efficient and professional to the hire as well, not to mention more sustainable as there is now a lot less paperwork involved.


Jennifer Burley

Jennifer Burley, Staffing Administrator, Oldcastle, Inc.

What are some other tools you can use to better your recruiting process? Let us know your best recruiting tactics in the comments!

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.

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