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5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Dislike Employers in the Job Search

The job search is obviously extremely rough for job seekers out there right now. True, it’s hard for hiring managers as well because it’s difficult to find the adequate talent needed. However it may be safe to say that it’s a bit rougher out there for job seekers. Therefore, it’s no surprise to read lists on the web citing why job seekers absolutely hate hiring managers and employers. It comes with the territory, but perhaps hiring managers can take a cue from what job seekers say they dislike about the job search.

Where does my resume go?
So many job seekers are plagued my the idea that they send their resume out and have no idea where it actually goes. Does someone actually read it? Does it ever even reach the eyes of a hiring manager, or does it simply get lost in the sea of hundreds of other resumes. Understandably, it’s difficult to keep a pile of resumes organized- even electronically.

Age discrimination
We can all sit here and say that age discrimination doesn’t happen. For one, it’s illegal! Unfortunately though, age discrimination does exist in the workplace and in the hiring process, and job seekers have reason to hate it. Employers need to realize that older job seekers have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Assuming that they will be too expensive to hire or behind the times is a bad assumption to make. Equal opportunity should be more than just a concept, it should be a reality.

The old bait and switch
The job sounded awesome on paper, and in the interview it sounded like a dream job. When the job seeker actually gets hired and starts working though, they quickly realize that the job is completely different than what was advertised. This is perhaps one of the worst things job seekers face. If this happened to you, you would clearly have some disdain for the hiring manager and prospective hiring managers in the future.

Long and drawn out hiring process
You have a phone interview or a one way video interview, great! Then you come in for an in-person interview and ace all of the questions asked. After that you have to wait a week before you hear anything, and when you finally do it’s the hiring manager informing you that you have been asked to come in for a second interview. And then a third. Not only is this exhausting, but if the job seeker is currently employed it can be extremely inconvenient. Sometimes the interview process does take a long time, especially for a top position. However, it’s important to keep the job seeker in mind and understand that a long hiring process is frustrating and can potentially turn a lot of job seekers off.

Terrible salary presentations
Perhaps this is trivial, and if you don’t like the salary then don’t take the job, right? After all, there are tons of other job seekers out there that would gladly pick that position up- even if its paid below average. On the other hand, a lot of hiring managers have decided to take advantage of the terrible job market and realized that they can offer positions at a lower salary. At the same time, they may take away benefits that were previously paired with the position. This isn’t fair and is definitely a top reason why job seekers hold a certain amount of disdain for hiring managers and employers.

For many employers, these reasons may just be words in the wind. The job market situation is what it is and there are always going to be people that take advantage of it. However, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to hire new employees, you may want to consider some of these reasons.

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