Qualified Job Seekers With Little Relevant Work Experience

As hiring manager or employer, going for the ‘under-qualified’ candidate is generally not your first choice. At the same time though, those overqualified job seekers are difficult to work with as well. Ideally you want to find job seekers and candidates that fit into that sweet spot right in the middle: qualified and with adequate […]

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Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of February 4

Does your company employ a probationary period for new hires? What do you think of it? For some companies, it’s a great way to test out a new employee before fully committing to bringing them onto the team. On the other hand, it could make things a bit confusing or ambiguous for the new hire. […]

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vlog on what employees want

What Employees Want From Employers #VLOG

Employers, do you think you know what your employees want from you? If you do, you may actually be in for a surprise. In this week’s HR vlog I talk about one of our most shared and popular infographics: What Employees Really Want From Employers. If you think the number one thing your employees want […]

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what makes a bad boss

Are You a Bad Boss? #INFOGRAPHIC

Not too long ago Spark Hire took a look at what made a poor manager and suggested that managers all over the country evaluate their own habits. Being a bad manager can really hurt your company culture and your team’s productivity as well. Considering such information, when we came across this infographic from Visual.ly we […]

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infographic on job search privacy

Job Search Confidentiality #INFOGRAPHIC

Do you think you would know if one of your employees was looking for a new job? Since nearly everything these days is done online, it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers (and your employees) to keep their job search a secret. At the same time, should job seekers that are currently employed be afforded a […]

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