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The Technological Advancements that Will Change Hiring

The Technological Advancements that Will Change Hiring

Technology makes it easier for business owners and hiring managers to improve the hiring process. Tools that simply didn’t exist even just a few years ago make it easier for a potential employee to get a sense of what a business is all about. They also allow hiring managers to talk to a number of candidates, even if in-person interviews aren’t an option. Here are some popular types of technology that are re-shaping how hiring happens:

Virtual reality

While it may seem like video game speak, virtual reality is actually becoming a popular choice for hiring managers from a number of different industries. Instead of fighting off robots and wizards like you might have done in your favorite video game quests when you were younger, you can now utilize this technology to show candidates who are located in different cities what your office looks like. Many people find that providing virtual reality tours helps to paint a better picture of their brand, making it more appealing to a potential hire.

Video interviewing technology

If you’re talking to candidates from all over the country, scheduling phone calls or flying these people in for interviews isn’t always possible. By the time you juggle everyone’s schedule and pay for plane tickets, you’ll be feeling seriously frustrated and probably a little bit strapped for cash too. Video interviewing can completely revolutionize your hiring process, as it allows you to open up your hiring to candidates from all over, without having to worry about the cost of flying them in for a conversation. Even better, if you can’t get schedules synced up, the candidate can record their answers for your team to watch at a time that’s convenient for you. This helps you to get better quality candidates, without costing you more.

Collaborative meeting options

If you’ve got offices in different parts of the country but need to have your team collaborating, programs like GoToMeeting become essential. By using these systems, you can have team members discussing an idea together, regardless of where everyone is at that time. This is especially useful during the hiring process, when you want your key management to be weighing in on hiring choices, but may not be able to get them in the same room at the same time.

Technology has allowed hiring managers and business owners to streamline the hiring process while bringing on high quality candidates who truly contribute to an office in a positive and productive manner.

What types of technology does your office rely on for hiring? Share with us in the comments!

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