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3 Ways Video Messaging Improves the Staffing Candidate Experience

3 Ways Video Messaging Improves the Staffing Candidate Experience

Candidates want to connect with you during the staffing process. A whopping 90% say they’re interested in new job opportunities and 63% are flattered when recruiters reach out, according to a job seeker behavioral insights report from LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, you face challenges that impact your ability to connect with candidates every day. For example, you’re inundated with messages and requests, leaving little time to nurture relationships with each individual candidate. 

As a result, candidates feel more like a number and less like a valuable asset. Your future placement success relies on the relationships you build now. Strategies focused on lining up more talent in your pipeline increase your number of potential candidates. 

It’s a mistake to ignore strategies and tools that create meaningful connections and lasting relationships with those already in your pipeline. And you should be giving special attention to those that don’t deplete your already limited time. 

Custom video messaging is an efficient way to make candidates feel engaged and more connected to you, your process, and clients’ company cultures earlier in the staffing process. Below, you’ll find three ways you can use custom video messaging to make candidates feel more special: 

1. Makes them feel better about first impressions and introductions

You represent your clients as the first point of contact for candidates which means their relationship-building process begins with you. It’s critical you take special care with your initial personal introduction as it’s the first impression candidates receive of your client’s hiring process.

Video messaging gives you the opportunity to put a face to your name or a real person to your open job posting, making it stand out from the other 100 they’ve looked at today. This assures you set your clients apart from their competitors. 

Extending a warm welcome via video messaging encourages candidates to apply through your video introduction. Personalization at this level escalates the rate at which candidates connect with you and your clients.

2. Makes them feel connected to clients and their culture

Job seekers use countless places to find and filter through job posts. Rest assured, they’re being contacted by recruiters and hiring pros left and right — in fact, probably right this moment. This overload of generic communication makes it challenging for many candidates to feel unique or connected to individual companies. 

Make no mistake, company culture is a strong influencing factor for today’s job seekers. In fact,  job seekers consider company culture very important when deciding to apply for a job.

It’s up to you to make sure candidates don’t feel like just another drop in the bucket when you contact them regarding a client’s open position. You can help your clients rise above the noise with branded video messages that give top talent a chance to assess their company’s culture earlier in the staffing process. 

Ask clients to send you a short, branded video message highlighting their company culture, open positions, and employees’ experiences. Candidates will get a real feel for their potential future work experience on your client’s team.

3. Makes them feel confident and well informed

Nobody wants to wait weeks for an impersonal email blast. But unfortunately, that’s the candidate experience many people receive as a result of inundated staffing schedules. 

It’s challenging to keep everyone in the loop without losing major chunks of your day. Video messaging allows you to establish a standard personal follow-up process without draining blocks of time. You can keep candidates informed on where they stand in the process but with custom, thoughtful messages. 

For example, congratulate them for being chosen to move forward in the process or let them down easy, and encourage them to continue applying as you send more fitting roles. If you happen to have a few extra minutes, you can personalize the message further by addressing how a candidate stood out.

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.