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How to Make Sure a Candidate is a Good Cultural Fit

How to Make Sure a Candidate is a Good Cultural Fit

It’s no longer enough to ensure that the candidate you’re thinking of hiring has the right skills to get the job done. Cultural fit is becoming an increasingly important part of hiring, particularly when you want to lower turnover rates in your business. A person can be highly skilled at their job, but if they simply don’t blend in well at work, it’s likely that they won’t last long in their position. For a hiring manager looking to assess for cultural fit during an interview, here are some points to consider:

Ask the right questions

While you want to get a sense of the training and past experiences that have prepped this person for the job, don’t forget to focus on the work itself. Do they find it meaningful? Why does it appeal to them? What are their at-work values, and are they in sync with your company’s? These answers clue you in as to whether someone will mix well with the rest of your team.

Find out how that person feels they work most effectively

Come out and be direct when you want to find out about cultural fit. It’s something candidates are spending an increasing amount of time thinking about, so addressing it in an interview is smart. Ask what type of office environment would be ideal for that candidate. Do they want to work in groups or do they prefer to work solo? Do they like to have set tasks to complete each day or do they like their days to be varied? Depending on their answers, you’ll understand how they might enjoy the open position.

Define your company’s values first

Before you can hire based on cultural fit, it’s important to stop and take a few minutes to figure out what defines your company. What are the business’s values? What kinds of people work there? What are the brand’s short and long-term goals? When you have a better sense of understanding about these things, you’re able to hire more intelligently. It’s easy to get caught up in filling an open role as quickly as possible, but learning about your company culture on a deep level is necessary for smart hiring.

Remembering to incorporate cultural fit into the hiring process is important when you want to ensure that your new addition to the team is a strong choice in the long run. Additionally, because cultural fit is an issue that matters to candidates too, it’s a discussion they’ll appreciate having with you.

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